A women’s agriculture entrepreneurship forum celebrates contributions to national development

March 11, 2024
A women's agriculture entrepreneurship forum celebrates contributions to national development

A women's agriculture forum was recently held in to honour women's remarkable achievements in agribusiness, climate resilience, and gender equality, recognizing their pivotal role in national development. Organized by the Feed the Future (FtF) Ghana Market Systems and Resilience (MSR) Activity in collaboration with other initiatives, the event aimed to showcase success stories, advocate for gender parity in agriculture, and address socio-cultural barriers hindering women's .

The forum, commemorating International Women's Day, brought together over 200 women from various districts in northern Ghana. Panel discussions and presentations emphasized the importance of empowering women in agriculture for inclusive growth and sustainable development. Additionally, eight women from the region were honoured for their outstanding contributions to agribusiness and their advocacy for marginalized women in rural communities.

Mr. Glenn Lines, Chief of Party for the MSR Activity, highlighted the program's efforts to strengthen the market system in northern Ghana, including increasing market access and business services for women. Through support from the Agency for International Development, the MSR Activity aims to enable women to identify market opportunities, negotiate better terms, and access market intelligence, ultimately enhancing their participation in agricultural value chains.

Hajia Hawa Musah, Northern Regional Director of the Department of Agriculture, emphasized the need to address challenges hindering women's access to crucial agricultural resources and technologies. While acknowledging government interventions and policy guidelines promoting gender equality in agriculture, she stressed the importance of continued support and gender mainstreaming in agricultural policies and programs.

The forum underscored the vital role of women in agriculture and highlighted the ongoing efforts to empower and support women entrepreneurs in the sector, aiming to accelerate progress towards gender equality and economic empowerment.

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