Afigya Kwabre North MP encourages youth to embrace agriculture for a secure future

December 8, 2023
Afigya Kwabre North MP encourages youth to embrace agriculture for a secure future: Ghana News

Kwamang, , December 10, 2023 – Mr. Collins Adomako Mensah, the Member of (MP) for Afigya Kwabre North, has urged the youth in his constituency to consider engaging in as a means of ensuring a secure future.

According to him, agriculture provides numerous business opportunities that can guarantee sustainable livelihoods for the younger generation.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Kwamang, Mr. Adomako Mensah emphasized the potential of the ‘Youth in Agriculture' initiative, which comes with diverse value chains.

This initiative, a collaboration between the () and the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), aims to empower and support the youth in pursuing a career in commercial farming. It addresses challenges such as securing land and resources for young farmers.

Under the second phase of the (PfJ), the ‘Youth in Agriculture' initiative targets 200,000 youth farmers, aiming to collectively cultivate and manage over one million acres during the 5-year program duration.

Mr. Adomako Mensah urged the youth in his constituency to seize the opportunities provided by the initiative, citing the growing interest it has garnered nationwide. He emphasized that demonstrating zeal for farming would prevent them from being left out of this transformative initiative.

To further motivate and support local farmers, the MP recently provided incentive packages during the National Farmers' Day commemoration in his area.

These packages included a tricycle truck carrier (aboboyaa) given to Madam Lydia Konadu, the 2023 Afigya Kwabre North District Best Farmer. Additionally, a 43-inch television was presented to the District Best Youth Farmer, and a motorcycle was donated to support the work of extension officers in the area.

Since 2021, Mr. Adomako Mensah has actively contributed to the farming communities in his constituency by distributing thousands of coconut seedlings to local farmers, showcasing his commitment to agricultural development in the region.

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