Ajumako Omanhen appeals for Government support to boost agriculture in Central Region

December 2, 2023
Ajumako Omanhen appeals for Government support to boost agriculture in Central Region: Ghana News
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Okokodrufo Ogyeabuo Nana Kwamena Hamma Ababio, the Ajumako Omanhen, has called on the government to provide soft loans and essential agricultural inputs for farmers in the .

The appeal aims to empower farmers, enhance their capacity, and stimulate increased food production.

Ogyeabuo Ababio highlighted the region's abundance of fertile land and favorable rainfall patterns, positioning it as a key contributor to national , particularly in staples like yam, plantain, and cocoyam.

Speaking at the regional celebration of the 39th Farmers' Day in Ajumako, he emphasized the need for government support, citing the high cost of and insufficient support systems as obstacles to achieving food sufficiency.

He proposed that the government absorb the costs of land preparation, a significant capital expenditure for farmers.

Ogyeabuo Ababio stated, “Less an acre of land costs GH₵300.00 to clear over here. But with this support, we will be able to produce enough to feed ourselves all year.”

He emphasized the potential synergy with the government's policy.

Addressing concerns about post-harvest losses, he urged the government to provide storage facilities in every district.

Additionally, he called for the improvement of feeder roads to facilitate the transportation of farm produce to market centers.

Expressing optimism, Ogyeabuo Ababio asserted that these interventions would make farming in the region more attractive, potentially reducing youth migration to urban areas in search of employment opportunities.

He emphasized the significance of agriculture, stating, “Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and it employs about 60 percent of our population, and so if we make it work, 60 percent of our problems are solved.”

The Farmers' Day celebration recognized outstanding contributors to agriculture in the region, with Mr. George Lawson awarded the overall best farmer and Madam Charity Fiwonu honored as the overall best fisher.

A total of 13 farmers and fishers, including the best female farmer and best cocoa farmer, received accolades during the event.

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