Bolt introduces feature to monitor stalled trips in Ghana

March 4, 2024
Bolt Enhances Safety Measures with New Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts Features
Bolt Ghana

Africa's leading on-demand mobility platform, , has introduced two new safety features, Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts, reinforcing its commitment to ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers.

Bolt's latest safety features, Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts mark a significant step forward in the company's ongoing dedication to passenger and driver safety. The Trip Monitoring feature engages with passengers and drivers in-app when a vehicle remains stationary for an extended period, offering a proactive approach to confirm the well-being of everyone involved. This feature also provides a quick and easy way to access emergency services or request assistance.

In addition to Trip Monitoring, the Driver Alerts feature equips drivers with valuable information about upcoming trips, enabling them to make informed decisions, especially in areas flagged for safety concerns. These features collectively represent Bolt's commitment to fostering a secure and reliable transport ecosystem for all its users.

Bolt has plans to roll out more trip safety monitoring features, including route deviation and delayed ride completion. This initiative is part of Bolt's ongoing investment and upgrades to safety features on its platform, aimed at providing more support for drivers and passengers while identifying and deterring improper driver and passenger behaviour.

Lola Masha, Regional Manager, North and at Bolt, emphasized safety as the company's top priority, stating, “At Bolt, safety is our top priority, and we are constantly working on new products and features to continue to improve the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, offering drivers and passengers a high-quality ride-hailing experience. Rolling out new trip safety monitoring features and driver alerts is the latest set of upgrades to our ongoing efforts to make it possible for drivers and passengers to seek support if they ever need it.”

Bolt recently launched safety features such as the audio trip recording feature, empowering both drivers and passengers to initiate an audio recording of their trip within the Bolt app. Additionally, passenger verification prompts passengers to take selfies before placing a ride-hailing order, enhancing driver-passenger trust.

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