CEO raises concerns over farmland acquisition for mining

April 11, 2024
CEO raises concerns over farmland acquisition for mining

Mr. Seth Dganamah, CEO of Kaana Farms, has voiced concern over the ongoing sale and forceful acquisition of arable farmlands in Ghana, particularly for mining purposes. This trend has left many farmers anxious and sleepless, prompting a call for urgent government intervention.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Kasoa, , Mr. Dganamah emphasized the need for policymakers to create an enabling environment and motivate the youth to engage in agriculture. He specifically highlighted the profitability of mango and coconut , citing research that underscores their potential for high returns and readily available markets.

Encouraging the youth to venture into agriculture, Mr. Dganamah stressed the importance of land availability. He appealed to traditional authorities and landowners to allocate portions of land to young farmers, enabling them to become self-sufficient and contribute to reducing the unemployment rate.

Expressing concern over the widespread sale of farmlands, Mr. Dganamah emphasized the pivotal role of agriculture in national development, underscoring its significance in providing raw materials and generating revenue for communities.

Mr. Dganamah, recognized as the 2007 Shai-Osudoku Best Farmer and the 2012 National Best Crop Farmer, shared insights from his extensive experience in agroforestry, mango, and coconut cultivation. He commended those who have supported him throughout his farming journey and emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture practices for future generations.

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