Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management calls on government to support local content production

April 17, 2023

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM) has called on government to implement a policy structure that would prioritize the production of local content to speed up the country's economic development.

Mr Richard Asante Amoah, Lead Executive of CISCM, emphasized that the government should support them to get an integrated supply chain executive instrument that would regulate the sector. He advised businesses to join forces during this time of economic difficulties to gain value that would also boost the country's financial strength.

He made these comments during an interview at a health walk and free medical screening held at the Legon City Mall to begin the celebration of this year's World Supply Week.

The event, which was held in collaboration with the Medical Centre (UGMC) and the Legon City Mall, aimed to create awareness of occupational health and safety among workers. The Lead Executive of CISCM explained that the organization prioritized the health of its workers, hence the need to engage other partners to make the event a memorable one.

According to him, being medically fit would not only enhance the productivity of individuals in the sector but also improve their overall well-being.

In addition, the CISCM organized a “Women in Supply Chain Forum” to encourage more women to participate in integrated supply chain leadership.

Mr Amoah emphasized the significance of the forum, saying “As part of the week's celebration, we will also engage industries and have the women converge with an interaction as to how women can participate in the integrated supply chain management.” The celebration would climaxed with an induction ceremony.

The CISCM had support from McDan Group, EPP Group, and Bethel Logistics Company Limited during the celebration. The Lead Executive expressed gratitude to the partners and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in building a robust supply chain management system.

He believes that the implementation of policies that prioritize local content production and the promotion of occupational health and safety would enhance economic development in the country.

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