Data Protection Commission launches investigations into alleged privacy breaches by Hisense, Quick Credit, Marwako

August 15, 2023
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In a significant move towards upholding data protection laws, officials from three prominent companies—Hisense Ghana Limited, Quick Credit and Micro-Investments Limited, and Marwako Fast Food—have been taken in for questioning by the Data Protection Commission.

The development marks the commencement of an enforcement exercise aimed at ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Among the companies facing scrutiny, Quick Credit Investment and Micro-Credit Limited, a notable loan provider, has been cited for its alleged violation of the Data Protection Act 2012.

The specific concern centres around the company’s purported practice of publicly disclosing the names of defaulting customers without obtaining proper consent—a clear contravention of the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection Commission’s action follows a customer’s complaint detailing privacy breaches attributed to the lending company.

The commission engaged with officials from Quick Credit Investment and Micro-Credit Limited and directed the company to make itself available for a meeting to address the allegations and explore potential remedies. The meeting is scheduled to take place by the close of work on Monday.

During a press briefing, Quinton Akrobeto, the Director for Regulatory and Compliance at the Data Protection Commission, underscored the severity of the situation.

Mr Akrobeto revealed that the complaint was filed by a lawyer representing one of the company’s clients, prompting the commission’s intervention.

“We will be expecting them at the Police Headquarters for further interrogation. We received a complaint about their non-compliance and how they are processing personal data against their customers,” explained Mr. Akrobeto.

He highlighted the reported harassment tactics employed by the company, such as visiting customers’ homes and churches, thereby violating their privacy.

The enforcement exercise signifies the Data Protection Commission’s commitment to ensuring the responsible and lawful processing of personal data.

Officials from two other companies have also been picked up for questioning, emphasizing the regulatory push to address potential privacy breaches in various sectors.

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