Ecobank Ghana leads in customer experience, CalBank is best in SME, StanChart tops corporate banking, according to KPMG survey

January 6, 2024
2023 KPMG West Africa Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey.

Ghana has emerged as the top performer in resolving customer issues and turning poor experiences into positive ones, according to the 2023 Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey.

The survey revealed that Ecobank Ghana's customers lauded the bank for its efficient call centre operations, citing reasonable wait times and prompt issue resolution that often exceeded their expectations.

The bank's commitment to a customer-centric approach, emphasized in its RACEIT values, notably the ‘C' for customer centricity, was visibly demonstrated in its branches.

Customers also commended Ecobank Ghana for delivering proactive and prompt support, particularly on its digital platforms, solidifying its position as a leader in customer experience in the retail banking segment.

Ghana secured the second position in the survey, displaying a slight drop of one place from its previous ranking. The bank excelled in the Empathy pillar, especially regarding the professionalism exhibited by its staff.

Prudential Bank, a newcomer to the top five, demonstrated noteworthy performance in the Personalization and Time and Effort pillars.

CalBank leads in SME segment

In the SME segment, CalBank secured the top position, with the Integrity pillar receiving the highest customer experience score.

Customers expressed satisfaction with the bank's quick handling of requests, streamlined branch experiences without long queues, and the security of their transactions.

closely followed CalBank, impressing customers with the professionalism and attitude demonstrated by the bank's staff and relationship managers. secured the third position in the SME segment.

Standard Chartered tops in corporate banking

In the Corporate segment, Bank emerged as the market leader, receiving commendation for its tailored services, advisory offerings, and foreign exchange services, among other areas.

The Expectations pillar dominated this segment, driven by factors such as user-friendly Internet banking platforms, transaction turnaround times, and the quality and timeliness of information dissemination about the banks' products and services.

Stanbic Bank secured one of the highest satisfaction scores in these measures, placing second in the Corporate segment.

While acknowledging specific segment focuses by banks, the report emphasized the importance of streamlining efforts to enhance overall customer experience.

It pointed out that progress achieved by banks in one segment could serve as a foundation for improving performance in another.

Across all segments, the survey highlighted a relatively low score in the Resolution pillar, indicating a missed opportunity for banks to turn negative experiences into opportunities for fostering greater customer loyalty and advocacy.

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