FBNBank kicks off 2024 with annual health walk

January 9, 2024

First National Bank Ghana (FBNBank) has commenced the new year with its annual health walk, signalling its commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering a passionate team dedicated to delivering on the “You First” brand promise. The health walk, a tradition at FBNBank, saw the participation of over 200 staff members covering a distance of 8 kilometres.

The walk began at the FBNBank Head Office, proceeding through the Liberation Road to 37 Roundabout, then turning towards the traffic light near Shiashie, and finally retracing the steps back to the FBNBank Head Office. A brass band accompanied the participants, adding excitement with a repertoire of tunes from various genres.

Managing Director and CEO of FBNBank Ghana, Victor Yaw Asante, expressed the significance of the health walk as a symbol of unity, wellness, and shared purpose. He emphasized the collective journey toward a healthier and more resilient future. Asante stated, “Every step symbolizes our commitment to well-being and our readiness to offer the best service to customers and clients.”

Reflecting on the bank's achievements in 2023, Asante highlighted the numerous awards received, including the top position among financial institutions at the Ghana Club 100 awards. FBNBank moved up 45 places in the overall company rankings, securing the 10th position compared to the 55th in the previous year. Other accolades included the Employee Empowerment Excellence Award, Gold Award for Financial Services, Bank of the Year, and Ethical Leadership Award, among others.

Asante also mentioned the expansion with a new branch at Abeka-Lapaz and the ongoing Akye Deposit and Win Promotion, reinforcing FBNBank's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

After the health walk, participants engaged in an aerobics session and enjoyed refreshments. The event provided an opportunity for networking with customers, clients, and business owners, showcasing the benefits of joining the FBNBank family.

FBNBank Ghana, a member of the First Bank of Limited Group, has maintained a customer-centric approach for 27 years, with a focus on excellence and value in its relationships with stakeholders.

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