Finance Minister Mohammed Amin Adam reaffirms commitment to IMF programme

June 2, 2024
Finance Minister Mohammed Amin Adam reaffirms commitment to IMF programme
Mohammed Amin Adam

Dr. , Ghana's new Finance Minister, has reiterated the government's dedication to the () programme. Taking over from in a recent ministerial reshuffle, Dr. Amin Adam assured continuity with the ongoing strategic partnership with the IMF.

In an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show, Dr. Amin Adam emphasized the government's determination to adhere to the established programme, emphasizing its pro-poor initiatives and commitment to implementing tax reliefs outlined in the budget. He assured both the IMF and the business community that he would ensure the programme remains on track without any deviations.

The IMF programme in Ghana is a collaborative effort aimed at addressing economic challenges, fostering fiscal responsibility, and promoting sustainable development. It encompasses a range of policies and reforms geared towards enhancing economic stability, stimulating growth, and creating an environment conducive to long-term development.

Ghana's engagement with the IMF has historically been driven by various economic factors, including fiscal deficits, external imbalances, and the need for structural reforms. The programme typically includes measures to tackle inflation, reduce budget deficits, and strengthen macroeconomic fundamentals.

Dr. Amin Adam's reaffirmation of Ghana's commitment to the IMF programme underscores the government's dedication to implementing sound economic policies and reforms aimed at driving growth, stability, and development in the country.

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