First Bank Ghana to transform retail banking for customers

June 10, 2024
First Bank Ghana to transform retail banking for customers
First Bank Ghana Head of Retail Banking, Allen Quaye

, a leading financial institution, has announced its plans aimed at transforming the retail banking experience of its customers. This was disclosed during an interview with the Bank's Head of Retail Banking, Allen Quaye.

The interview session delved into the Business Unit's vision, customer experience and plans for adapting trends in retail banking.

Retail Banking serves as a strategic business unit within First Bank Ghana, playing a vital role in its operations and growth strategy. This division focuses on providing a wide range of financial services and products to individual consumers and businesses. Key offerings include savings and checking accounts, personal loans, premium banking, and SME banking. By emphasizing a customer-centric approach to service delivery and leveraging digital banking technologies, First Bank's retail banking unit aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To achieve this, First Bank Ghana is leveraging cutting-edge e-banking channels to transform the delivery of everyday banking services. From seamless account management to convenient payment solutions, the Bank seeks to empower customers with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively.

Moreover, the Bank's retail banking vision extends beyond traditional banking services. First Bank Ghana is dedicated to fostering wealth creation and financial support within the communities it serves. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, the Bank aims to facilitate access to capital for entrepreneurs and SMEs, driving economic growth and prosperity.

Above all, the Bank is dedicated to offering unparalleled convenience to its customers through digital platforms or personalised advisory services. Here, First Bank seeks to ensure that banking is not only accessible but also hassle-free and easy.

In enhancing customer experience, the introduction of Finacle 11x provides a seamless and personalized banking experience for customers through improved user interfaces and faster transaction processing. It supports a wide range of banking services, enabling customers to access their accounts, perform transactions, and manage their finances more conveniently.

The Head of Retail Banking at First Bank Ghana said, “We are embarking on a transformative journey to redefine retail banking in Ghana, and our vision is not just about growth but about empowering individuals and businesses to thrive financially. We believe that by prioritising accessibility, affordability, and innovation, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of our customers and the broader community.”

“By staying ahead of market trends and customer expectations”, Mr Quaye said, “the Bank is poised to lead the evolution of retail banking in Ghana and beyond. First Bank plans to adapt by constantly deploying the relevant technology to enable customers to enjoy seamless transactions, consistently equipping our staff through training to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, utilising data analytics to better understand evolving customer needs and preferences, and at the same time, continuously improve their retail banking journey.”

First Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of First Bank of Limited. The FirstBank brand is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. First Bank of Nigeria is the parent of First Bank UK, First Bank DRC, First Bank Guinea, First Bank Sierra Leone, First Bank Gambia, FBNBank Senegal and First Bank Ghana.

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