Forex Bureau in Ghana

November 2, 2023
Forex Bureau
Mercod Forex Bureau, A&C Mall, Accra

Which forex bureaus in Ghana are closest to you all over the nation? This post gives you a list of all forex bureaux licenced by the .

Forex Bureau in Greater Accra

The Greater has a total of 336 licenced Forex Bureaus.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Greater Accra, their location, and contact details;

#Forex BureauLocationPhone Number
188 Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Accra0547880766 / 0244755708
2108 Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, New Rd, Accra208112030
31st African Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra501288808
41st Choice Forex Bureau LimitedWest Airport, Accra274072670
51st Light Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra246467984
62 Gees Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244259137
7A & B Forex Bureau LimitedAccra City Car Park0302677538 / 0233532053
8A & E Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka-Lapaz, Accra209319557
9A AND H Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra244745075
10A B C Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra245306646
11Abdex Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra0266342900 ; 0302776097
12ABH Forex Bureau LimitedNungua, Accra242323034
13Abolowe Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra244105534
14Abyamas Forex Bureau LimitedNew Makola Shopping Mall, Accra244269315
15Accra City Hotels Forex Bureau LimitedTudu, Accra207586139
16Acorn Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra
17Act Forex Bureau LimitedLabone, Accra0244581138 ;0302797980
18Acumed Forex Bureau LimitedKorle-Gonno, Accra243469854
19Adess Africa Forex Bureau LimitedTse-Addo0246942424/ 0246551519
20Aero Cash Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra0244484069 ; 0200117582
21Africa House Forex Bureau LimitedTudu, Accra244680632
22African Express Forex Bureau LimitedOdorkor, Accra277181113
23African Revival Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso, Accra0244442977 / 0244733651
24Africhange Forex Bureau LimitedAgbogbe Plaza, Nanakrom277452799
25Afriswap Forex Bureau LimitedOsu Oxford Street, Accra558739330
26Agyapong Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra274899962
27Aim High Forex Bureau LimitedMadina,Accra0230775501 / 0244075991/
28Aims Afrique Forex Bureau LimitedTema, Comm'ty 70209031503 / 0303204706
29Air Commerce Forex Bureau LimitedAirport, Accra (KIA Aviance Enclave, Additional)570482224
30Akwaaba Forex Bureau LimitedGolden Tulip, Accra244688078
31Alabar Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka-Lapaz, Accra244264985
32Al-Amana Forex Bureau LimitedTabora No. 3, Accra243629462
33Albrim Forex Bureau LimitedOsu-RE, Accra577700902
34Alfajero Forex Bureau LimitedOdorkor, Accra208613570
35Al-Gidi Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra244772956
36Al-Huda Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra244628184
37Ali Brothers Forex Bureau LimitedMakola-Cow Lane, Accra244951379
38Alibax Forex Bureau LimitedForico Mall Osu, Accra0208127804 / 0264245073
39Alisam Capital Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra244099781
40Alisma Forex Bureau LimitedGPO, Accra273611484
41All Day Forex Bureau LimitedWeija, Accra267423356
42Al-Mal Forex Bureau LimitedMadina New Rd, Accra247249201
43Al-Yazid Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota Retail Centre, Accra0244719060 ; 0244737028
44Amazing Forex Bureau LimitedAnyaa, Accra244288534
45Amex Forex Bureau LimitedKotobabi, Accra302223835
46Aminaser Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota M 7 Rd, Accra244670648
47Amslim Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra0202232223 / 024531880
48Anambra Forex Bureau LimitedNyamekye, Accra207900004
49Angel Forex Bureau LimitedThe Octagon, Accra Central242129129
50Annafi Forex Bureau LimitedGPO, Accra302667749
51Apex Forex Bureau LimitedNorth Industrial Area, Accra243585773
52Ashton Forex Bureau Limited House, Osu, Accra246275941
53Avenue Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra208117380
54Azido Forex Bureau LimitedKwashieman, Accra244288534
55Baidari Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka, Accra242686670
56Banjoe Forex Bureau LimitedMcCarthy Hill, Accra576007254
57Basasco Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra244273978
58Basmabrim Forex Bureau LimitedNew Town, Accra246178846
59Bellview Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra0243274524 ; 0244623309; 0265952641
60Bestway Forex Bureau LimitedKwashieman, Accra249714991
61Bext Nascent Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra0264726601 / 0244941323
62Big J Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra243274046
63Bigdo Forex Bureau LimitedAshaley Botwe Rd, Accra244627684
64Bilal Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra244664920
65Bills & Checks Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra244061604
66Bismart Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra558852846
67Bolaji Forex Bureau LimitedSakaman, Accra242834521
68Broadway Forex Bureau LimitedTudu, Accra278625529
69Bulisa Forex Bureau LimitedSakumono, Tema244826991
70C. K.'S Forex Bureau LimitedTrade Fair, Accra243680927
71Cardillac Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Accra243541615
72Casa De Cambio Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244708058
73Cash Joint Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra0244462000; 0268313372
74CashPlus Forex Bureau LimitedAlhaji-Tabora, Accra242134147
75Cash Point Forex Bureau LimitedTeshie-Nungua, Accra0272727955 ; 0243754404 ; 0243466647
76C'cal Forex Bureau LimitedAirport, Accra244536177
77 Top Forex Bureau LimitedOpera Square, Accra246031757
78Cedi Wise Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra0263153711 ; 0244367010 ; 0265294495
79Charda Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema0200418272 ; 0243660644
80Check Point Forex Bureau LimitedOdorkor, Accra0273265528 ; 0208122829; 0243466645
81Cica Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra260580313
82Citi-Centre Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra302669468
83City Bureau De Change Forex Bureau LimitedCom'ty 18 Junct, Spintex Rd307032546
84City-Main Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra0244289282 / 0277635164
85Coconut Grove Forex Bureau LimitedRidge, Accra307060201
86Codco Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244048998
87Continental Forex Bureau LimitedUTC, Accra0543833440 ; 0302998223
88Control Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra203525335
89Cosmos Forex Bureau LimitedTeshie, Accra244371830
90Costa Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra208119085
91Covenant Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa, Accra0244648102; 0279000368
92Crystal Forex Bureau LimitedCow Lane, Accra244371930
93Current Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso, Accra272273331
94Damarsia Forex Bureau LimitedWest Legon, Accra244931332
95Dawula Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra0243274524; 0544907624
96Dee Dee Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra245003766
97Dellino Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra248135766
98Diamond Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra244521293
99Dianamos Forex Bureau LimitedOsu-RE, Accra244721566
100Dollar-Juan Forex Bureau LimitedMadina Old Rd, Accra0248940755 / 0267412931
101Dr. K Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244974509
102Edorrus Forex Bureau LimitedMövenpick Hotel, Accra0243274524 ; 0244723911 ;0206566190
103Efoshie Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra244691552
104Eighth March Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra0243880492; 0302918709; 0244668899
105Eli-K's Forex Bureau LimitedMile 7, Achimota244276809
106Emirate Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka-Lapaz, Accra244273315
107Emmajets Forex Bureau LimitedSakumono, Accra249216541
108Eno Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra244706157
109Equinox Forex Bureau LimitedAshaiman, Accra242530427
110Eskamo Forex Bureau LimitedDome Pillar II, Accra244511680
111Essah Forex Bureau LimitedWeija, Accra0302851036; 0202127580; 0243110168
112Excellent Choice Forex Bureau LimitedCentral C.Park Complex, Accra208154847
113Exchequer Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra behind 243432256
114Face Two Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra244378260
115Fads Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra246511247
116Fatcoms Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244264985
117First Executive Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon Accra0268867798/0243274524
118Forbes Forex Bureau LimitedSwanlake, Accra244894244
119Foundation Forex Bureau LimitedDarkuman, Accra544482470
120Fugu Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 8, Tema244063496
121Gambaga Forex Bureau LimitedLabone, Accra263999591
122Ganest Forex Bureau LimitedLabone, Accra244181773
123Garman Forex Bureau LimitedMataheko Afienya, Tema266514135
124Gausu Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Accra244846521
125Geotel Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra244696264
126Ghintex Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra244574134
127Gina Forex Bureau LimitedTabora, Accra244706157
128Giosap Forex Bureau Limited37 Military Hospital, Accra202020206
129Giwah Forex Bureau LimitedOpera Square, Accra208111524
130Global Exchange Forex Bureau LimitedBortianor, Accra249475429
131Glomyers Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema244616895
132Gold Rush Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra0244885782 ; 0302432598
133Golden Era Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema208212940
134Golden Expression Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex GPS GT-346-7820547332580
135Gracious Home Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244435833
136Haliseko Forex Bureau LimitedAccra Central Rawlings Park Gate 5244258041
137Hamdani Ya Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244963239
138Hassib Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra246623434
139Hayrat Forex Bureau LimitedNew Town, Accra244361663
140Highway Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra246266466
141H K Forex Bureau LimitedTrade Fair, Accra244230277
142HolyChild Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra243464621
143Honourable Forex Bureau LimitedAdogonno Rd, Nungua Estates, Accra240696561
144Horizon Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema244362094
145Hotel Investments (Ghana)Forex Bureau LimitedLa, Accra277601171
146Ijaaz Forex Bureau LimitedNyamekye, Accra270728000
147Imani Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra near Liberty House552290248
148Imperial Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra244636755
149In God We Trust Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra244361315
150Insaaniyya Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244459837
151Inspiring Forex Bureau LimitedKwabenya Abuom, Accra303938003
152Inter City Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra245766992
153Inusa Forex Bureau LimitedOdorkor, Accra241618125
154Iris Forex Bureau LimitedCow Lane, Accra504848000
155Ir-Kul Forex Bureau LimitedLa, Behind Trade Fair Centre Exopa RD-Accra244508635
156Ishmak Forex Bureau LimitedTeshie-Nungua, Accra244385726
157Jaad Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso, Accra244169139
158Jafa Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso, Accra244169139
159Jewell Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Opp. Bobby's Pub and Restaurant, near Gethsemane Cemetery208112892
160Jibrin Forex Bureau LimitedNungua, Accra550025049
161JJ Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka, Accra302711181
162Juno Forex Bureau LimitedYMCA, Accra208118203
163Just In Time Forex Bureau LimitedWest Legon, Accra541515551
164K And A Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Accra0246516588 / 0208434088
165K&P Global Forex Bureau LimitedTema Mall242850042
166Kafsons Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra244678332
167Kaneshie Central Forex Bureau LimitedAwudome, Accra203005881
168Kash Forex Bureau LimitedAshiaman, near Guaranty Trust Bank541956381
169Kaybrim Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra208113208
170KDC Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra557822877
171Kedge Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra544458770
172Keepers Forex Bureau LimitedAgbogbloshie, Accra555158169
173KLF Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex Road, Accra246273015
174K-Mart Forex Bureau LimitedTema, Comm'ty 1553800083
175KNK Forex Bureau LimitedLa Bawaleshie244363018
176Koajay Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso, Accra244264286
177Kophei Forex Bureau LimitedAshaley Botwe, Accra0267864140 ; 0246329880
178Kumas Forex Bureau LimitedGPO, Accra243440004
179Kwartsfo Forex Bureau LimitedArena, Accra302669312
180Kwik-Link Forex Bureau LimitedTeshie-Nungua, Accra277829243
181La Market Forex Bureau LimitedLa, Accra302779829
182Lakesight Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema244948088
183La-Paix Forex Bureau LimitedCow Lane, Accra242005522
184Legacy Forex Bureau LimitedNester Square – Airport, Accra242927426
185Life Gate Forex Bureau LimitedGPO, Accra244202171
186Link Road Forex Bureau LimitedAvenor Juct. Accra202222323
187Linos Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra552637795
188Love Me Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka-Lapaz, Accra249123123
189Mabb Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244435833
190Macowas Forex Bureau LimitedMadina Boundary Road; GM-002-2843243611511
191Magfabrim Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra302301485
192Majesty Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra231208307
193Makola Forex Bureau LimitedMakola, Accra0244283140 / 0246608811
194Malcolm Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra246964002
195Maltima Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra245306640
196Manigab Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra243787222
197Man's Man's Forex Bureau LimitedAbeka-Lapaz, Accra277261078
198Manshiallahu Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex Road, Accra243703488
199Mari Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra277466966
200Mattdan Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Accra248638077
201Max Forex Bureau LimitedLapaz, Accra244609013
202Maxy Forex Bureau LimitedHaatso Plaza, Westland Avenue245043930
203Mb3 Forex Bureau LimitedPokuase, Accra540348442
204Mediator Zone Forex Bureau LimitedTema, Accra202275683
205Meji Forex Bureau LimitedCantonments, Accra245799396
206Micad Forex Bureau LimitedAtico Junction, Accra540896246
207Midway Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra207547763
208Mikadel Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra244770456
209Mintason Forex Bureau LimitedMadina, Estate Road243518737
210Mohib Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex Road, Accra244391113
211Moneymart Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra260782610
212Money Matters Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra243006203
213Moon Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra0248848861 ; 0244270807
214Mosman Forex Bureau LimitedMallam, Accra274890103
215Muatapari Forex Bureau LimitedCow Lane, Accra0244024464; 0243636600
216Na – Atta Forex Bureau LimitedPig Farm, Accra244954372
217Nabrim Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex Road, Accra244685782
218Nasec Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra208128002
219Nayaba Forex Bureau LimitedTudu, Accra302687127
220Nayak Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra302225091
221Network Forex Bureau LimitedAlhaji-Achimota, Accra0267246661; 0244941323 ; 0244932875
222New Wave Forex Bureau LimitedZongo Juct. Accra
223Nimo Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra245928407
224Nurom Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra548819762
225Nyala Forex Bureau LimitedHouse No.M648, Papafio Rd. Nanakrom244271258
226O.K. Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra243575125
227Ocean Drive Forex Bureau LimitedZongo-Lane, Accra249143757
228Octopus Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema244569463
229One World Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra240141402
230Orchid Forex Bureau LimitedPig Farm, Accra0244885782 ; 0302224210
231Oriental Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra0207131723; 0545582332
232Ota Forex Bureau LimitedAdenta, Accra244655877
233Overcomers Forex Bureau LimitedDarkuman, Accra544482470
234Overseas Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra0244798676 ; 0244798676
235PL Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra242335335
236Pacific Forex Bureau LimitedLakeside Estate, near R&P filling station, Accra0243219565 ; 0208168381
237Paga Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra244818492
238Pan African Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra246827299
239Park Avenue Forex Bureau LimitedAccra Newtown near Ecobank, Accra0302662023 / 0249457202
240Paytell Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra0262561987; 0575565051 ; 020970880
241Penta Forex Bureau LimitedPenta Hotel Osu, Accra244368713
242Perebrim Forex Bureau LimitedNew Town, Accra244885782
243Perfect Choice Forex Bureau LimitedChoice Junction, Mallam-Kasoa Rd244369087
244Pick Forex Bureau LimitedMadina Old Rd, Accra244655877
245Plus Forex Bureau LimitedAshongman, Accra0268476175 / 0545772037
246Prime Forex Bureau LimitedMadina New Rd, Accra241448252
247Procal Forex Bureau LimitedLagos Avenue Road, East Legon, Accra244204344
248Progressive Alfat Forex Bureau LimitedEast Legon, Accra543206031
249Prosperity Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra245132979
250Protégé Forex Bureau LimitedLa, Accra
251Puky House Forex Bureau LimitedEast Airport, Accra277547302
252Quasam Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra243421734
253Quemex Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra244288031
254Quickcash Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra0244885782;
255Qwick Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra544136361
256Rad Exchange Forex Bureau LimitedWeija, Accra204778548
257Rahama Forex Bureau LimitedLapaz, Accra247772158
258Ram Chambers Forex Bureau LimitedOkponglo, Accra0246676993 ; 0243727494
259Rasbee Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra242069429
260Real Page Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra240787974
261Regal Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra244665261
262Res Forex Bureau LimitedTop Man Building, Accra Central244218899
263Rhine Bird Forex Bureau LimitedCircle Odor Rice, Accra275541014
264Rite-Way Forex Bureau LimitedRidge, Accra244810853
265RiverPark Forex Bureau LimitedAlisa Hotel, Accra0264459825 / 0551787679
266Rod Forex Bureau LimitedOkponglo, Accra244266899
267Rons Forex Bureau LimitedWeija Mile 110242904586; 0266801156 ; 0504772725
268Roots Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra546626667
269Rotio Forex Bureau LimitedZongo Lane, Accra244369393
270Royal Avenue Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra0267771515 ; 0546123895
271Royal Treasury Forex Bureau LimitedSakumono, Accra0244690388/0264690388
272S AND G Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra245005010
273Sabah Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra246696770
274Sake Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra244511680
275Salam Forex Bureau LimitedLa, Accra547108589
276Sammy & Sons Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra0244160593 ; 0245138819 ; 0266342200
277Sawaab Forex Bureau LimitedMataheko, Accra244426677
278Sears Forex Bureau LimitedBuilding opp. Perez Chapel, Dzorwulu, Accra GPS GA-090-8127302424776
279Shaimex Forex Bureau LimitedZongo Lane, Accra277396430
280Shan Forex Bureau LimitedSpintex Road, Accra244441546
281Shinbishi Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra0244256707 / 0554461588/0554461588
282Sidex Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 18, Tema249475429
283Sinoband Forex Bureau LimitedDzorwulu, Accra245738691
284Sirius Forex Bureau LimitedKissiman, Accra207834221
285Star Forex Bureau LimitedArt Center, Accra244019777
286StepClose Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra0243274524 ; 0249405095 ; 0268380601; 0307031563
287Stones Forex Bureau LimitedTesano, Accra277492456
288Stopover Forex Bureau LimitedTesano, Accra244856646
289Stoxx Forex Bureau LimitedDome, Accra244818492
290Success Forex Bureau LimitedGPO, Accra271596647
291Sunrise Forex Bureau LimitedBurma Camp, Accra244996447
292Supa 241 Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244706157
293Surprise Forex Bureau LimitedAccra Central244947018
294Survival Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra248848861
295SWBoat Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota, Accra0243346666/ 0244182281/
296Swift – Star Forex Bureau LimitedCommunity 1, Tema243518737
297Swift Cash Forex Bureau LimitedComm'ty 1, Tema542222111
298Tanko Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra244230461
299Taupe Forex Bureau LimitedMakola, Accra0231880821 ; 0249770722
300Temples Forex Bureau LimitedCape Coast332132434
301This Rock Forex Bureau LimitedOsu-RE, Accra244755252
302Three Saints Forex Bureau LimitedBatsonaa, Accra248848861
303Three Sisters Forex Bureau LimitedMakola, Accra244253157
304Tonom Forex Bureau LimitedAvenor Juct. Accra249954065
305Transmission Forex Bureau LimitedSowutuom, Accra245005010
306Transtrade Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra245000040
307Travel Money Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra208909093
308TrustHouse Forex Bureau LimitedKaneshie, Accra244435833
309Tudjani Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra243611511
310Two Niles Forex Bureau LimitedMaamobi, Accra
311Tyco Forex Bureau LimitedTeshie Agblezaa near Manet Estate, Rice and Sugar Hse, Spintex, Accra0244930937/ 0244497946 /0277420992/
312United Forex Bureau LimitedZongo-Lane, Accra244258197
313Unity Is Good Forex Bureau LimitedTesano, Accra548331654
314Unlimited Forex Bureau LimitedAdenta Housing Down, Accra244644413
315Vanef Forex Bureau LimitedAdabraka, Accra0244277304 / 0501394547
316Vec Forex Bureau LimitedKokomlemle, Accra241272864
317Village Gate Forex Bureau LimitedNima, Accra244271901
318Wab Star Forex Bureau LimitedOdorkor, Accra244098366
319Wafex Forex Bureau LimitedBaatsona, Accra243274046
320Wallsdan Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota Kingsby, Accra245196909
321Wallstreet Forex Bureau LimitedWest Legon, Accra0244042397; 0246252499
322Wangara Forex Bureau LimitedOsu Kuku Hills, Accra244503372
323Watson Forex Bureau LimitedOsu, Accra206744770
324White Bird Forex Bureau LimitedZongo Juct. Accra274076619
325White Plains Forex Bureau LimitedNorth Kaneshie, Accra30236536
326Winner Forex Bureau LimitedBawaleshie, Accra0208154761; 0244894685
327Wisdom Wallet Forex Bureau LimitedKorle-Gonno, Accra0244465800 ; 0208307150 ; 0246151595
328Worldwide Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra243274046
329Wynmak Forex Bureau LimitedOkaishie, Accra243582910
330Yanney's Forex Bureau LimitedDansoman, Accra244369087
331Yasore Forex Bureau LimitedAccra Mall, Accra265255208
332Yim Forex Bureau LimitedAdjiriganor, Accra243271087
333Yobsons Forex Bureau LimitedMallam, Accra0242210520 ; 0208377974
334Zara Forex Bureau LimitedAirport Res. Accra501549555
335Zein Forex Bureau LimitedAchimota-Kisseiman, Accra243804171
336Zibo Forex Bureau LimitedMakola, Accra243452774
Forex Bureau in Greater Accra. Source: BoG

Forex Bureau in Ashanti Region

The has a total of 31 licenced Forex Bureaus.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Kumasi and the Ashanti Region, their location, and contact details;

#Forex BureauLocationPhone Number
1Manhyia Forex Bureau LimitedAshanti0558252500 ; 0561934917
2Aeroplane House Forex Bureau LimitedAshanti246275941
3Africana Forex Bureau LimitedAlabar opp. Noah's Ark, GPS AK-007-92270546512042 ; 0322026339
4Aries Forex Bureau LimitedAshanti322028906
5Citi-Link Forex Bureau LimitedAshanti244415161
6East Street Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi0322021037; 0208222822
7Emmanuel Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi322026671
8Fastway Forex Bureau LimitedAmakom, Kumasi0244857540; 0208111963
9Get More Forex Bureau LimitedAsawase, Kumasi263668276
10GoldLink Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi0208141041; 0244054125
11Golden Cross Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi243005577
12Joe Forex Bureau LimitedAbrepo Junc., Kumasi244054125
13Johnsons Forex Bureau LimitedAmakom, Kumasi322026336
14K The B Forex Bureau LimitedAhodwo, Kumasi024353598; 0322032371 ; 0244186796
15Kontire Forex Bureau LimitedBantama, Kumasi322025157
16Kosec Forex Bureau LimitedBantama, Kumasi208170290
17Kyeswin Forex Bureau LimitedRoman Hill, Kumasi0322026079 ; 0266104886 ; 0232089377
18Madusek Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi near Ramsayer Presby Church0322026475; 0208138486
19Meltus Forex Bureau LimitedAsh Town, Kumasi246658076
20Mikaddo Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi322025442
21Ohemaa Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi0208134502 ; 0244267024
22P.R Forex Bureau LimitedAtinga Junction, Kumasi0243005577/0208473678 ; 0545582332
23Peace & Love Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi0244846154 ; 0261222189 ; 0243129259
24Rokki Forex Bureau LimitedGolden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi0244276246 ; 0244778673
25Sahil Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi244600795
26Silver Cross Forex Bureau LimitedKNUST Junction, Kumasi0243466392 ; 0266596342
27Street Market Forex Bureau LimitedKonongo0268378665 ; 0208114419
28Sunshine City Forex Bureau LimitedSuame, Kumasi322021407
29Unisex Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi20814903
30Yakubu Toure Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi244122318
31Yapo Forex Bureau LimitedAdum, Kumasi0244204817 ; 0240427938
Forex Bureau in Ashanti Region

Forex Bureau in Central Region

The Central Region has a total of 17 licenced Forex Bureaus.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Kasoa and the Central Region, their location, and contact details;

#Forex BureauLocationPhone Number
1ANP Forex Bureau LimitedCentral0242885474; 0208176927
2Anukwale Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa543563595
3Barms Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa244241117
4Coastal Forex Bureau LimitedCape Coast332134068
5Dalabu Forex Bureau LimitedObuasi244418003
6Downtown Virgins Forex Bureau LimitedCommercial Street, Cape Coast0244258437 ; 0244333266
7Fair Conversion Forex Bureau LimitedKakraba Junc. Kasoa GPS CG-1536-95520200304266 / 0244207111/
8Friends and Helpers Forex Bureau LimitedOdupong Kpehe, Kasoa207131723
9Green Forex Bureau LimitedObuom Junction, Kasoa547880766
10Hadrams Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa, off Nyanyano Road274481552
11Lloyds Forex Bureau LimitedOdupong Kpehe, Kasoa0244941323; 026724666; 0279382463; 0243241851
12Morning Star Forex Bureau LimitedOdupong Kpehe, Kasoa544604760
13Pennywise Forex Bureau LimitedNgleshie Amanfro, along Kasoa-Obuom0208133458 / 0244544847
14Queen Esther Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa207912086
15Sheree Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa243274524
16Sterling Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa, Central Region244706157
17Zakat Forex Bureau LimitedKasoa243512527
Forex Bureau in Central Region

Forex Bureau in Eastern Region

The Eastern Region has a total of 6 licenced Forex Bureaus.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Koforidua and the Eastern Region, their location, and contact details;

#Forex Bureau LocationPhone Number
1Pekaf Forex Bureau LimitedKoforidua541265367
2Rocky's Forex Bureau LimitedKoforidua242210666
3S & J Forex Bureau LimitedKoforidua, E/R249150518
4Solaris Forex Bureau LimitedAtimpoku240566488
5Stelfah Forex Bureau LimitedKoforidua0208199486 ; 0540125564 ; 0208156114
6Yilo Star Forex Bureau LimitedSomanya, Eastern Region245158159
Forex Bureau in Eastern Region

Forex Bureau in Western Region

The has a total of 5 licenced Forex Bureaus.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Takoradi and the Western Region, their location, and contact details;

#Forex BureauLocationPhone Number
1Bethel Forex Bureau LimitedTakoradi0244374491; 0230435252 ; 0206800032
2Egem Forex Bureau LimitedTarkwa, W/R5444182929
3Esam Forex Bureau LimitedTakoradi0208212940 ; 0208115715; 0244222267
4Idemahl Forex Bureau LimitedTakoradi0244766943; 0267774972
5Janguay Forex Bureau LimitedElubo, W/R0241305673 ; 0279862349
Forex Bureau in Western Region

Forex Bureau in Northern, Volta, Upper East, Brong Ahafo Regions

The Northern, Volta, , Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana have a total of 6 licenced Forex Bureaus together.

Below is a list of forex bureaus in Tamale, Aflao, Ho, Bolga and , Find their location, and contact details;

#Forex BureauLocationRegionPhone Number
1Kinarash Forex Bureau LimitedTamaleNorthern0244286402 ;0203676204 ; 0244413786
2Man Forex Bureau LimitedTamaleNorthern0208167842; 0243917719
3Adams Forex Bureau LimitedUpper East302667863
4Darrah Forex Bureau LimitedAflaoVolta242540219
5St. Michael Forex Bureau LimitedHo, Volta RegionVolta Region0246694576 ; 0504100236
6Farmers Forex Bureau LimitedSunyaniBrong Ahafo207131723
Forex Bureau in Northern, Volta, Upper East, Brong Ahafo Regions

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