Today’s Ghana Cedi exchange rates: Dollar to cedi

June 14, 2024
Ghana Cedi Exchange Rate – Dollar to Cedi


  • $1 sells at GH¢14.29
  • £1 is GH¢18.22
  • €1 is GH¢15.35
  • GH¢1 is  ₦‎105.65

Today's Ghana exchange rates; See euro to cedi, USD to Cedi, Pound to Cedi, Canadian to Cedi, and the performance of the cedi against other major trading currencies according to official figures from the .

The interbank exchange rates are the rates offered by commercial banks in Ghana.

The Ghanaian cedi (currency sign: GH¢; currency code: GHS) is the unit of currency of Ghana.

It is the fourth historical and only current legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. One cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp).

Ghana Cedi Exchange Rate – Dollar to Cedi

Below is today's Ghana Cedi Exchange Rate as of today June 14, 2024;

CurrencyBuying (GH¢)Selling (GH¢)
US Dollar to Cedi14.280114.273
Pound to Cedi18.211518.2017
Swiss Franc to Cedi15.969415.9622
Australian Dollar to Cedi9.47189.4658
Canadian Dollar to Cedi10.38110.3757
Danish Krone to Cedi2.05732.0565
Japanese Yen to Cedi0.09110.0911
New Zealand Dollar to Cedi8.80718.8014
Norwegian Krone to Cedi1.33821.3378
Swedish Krona to Cedi1.3611.3605
South African Rand to Cedi0.77180.7715
Euro to Cedi15.348915.3413
Yuan Renminbi to Cedi1.96891.968
BCEAO (CFA franc) to Cedi42.779142.7578
Dalasi to Cedi4.82034.7853
Ouguiya to Cedi25.082325.0473
Naira to Cedi105.6421104.9408
Leone to Cedi1602.66821586.9114
to Cedi0.00840.0084
Ghana Cedi Exchange Rate

Dollar to Cedi

Below is today's Dollar to Cedi exchange rates;

Dollar to CediCedi
$1 to cedisGH¢14.27
1 dollar to cedisGH¢14.27
1usd to cedisGH¢14.27
10 dollars to cedisGH¢142.73
10$ to cedisGH¢142.73
100 dollars to cedisGH¢1,427.30
$100 to cedisGH¢1,427.30
100$ to cedisGH¢1,427.30
1000 dollars to cedisGH¢14,273.00
150 dollars to cedisGH¢2,140.95
20 dollars to cedisGH¢285.46
20$ to cedisGH¢285.46
200 dollars to cedisGH¢2,854.60
283000 dollars to cedisGH¢4,039,259.00
30 dollars to cedisGH¢428.19
30$ to cedisGH¢428.19
300 dollars to cedisGH¢4,281.90
400 dollars to cedisGH¢5,709.20
49 dollars to cedisGH¢699.38
50 dollars to cedisGH¢713.65
500 dollars to cedisGH¢7,136.50
Dollar to Cedi

Cedi to Dollar

Below are today's Cedi to Dollar exchange rates;

Cedi to DollarCedi
50 cedis to dollars$2.75
100 cedis to dollars$5.49
150 cedis to dollars$8.24
200 cedis to dollars$10.99
250 cedis to dollars$13.73
300 cedis to dollars$16.48
400 cedis to dollars$21.98
500 cedis to dollars$27.47
600 cedis to dollars$32.96
700 cedis to dollars$38.46
800 cedis to dollars$43.95
1000 cedis to dollars$54.94
1500 cedis to dollars$82.41
2000 cedis to dollars$109.88
2500 cedis to dollars$137.35
3000 cedis to dollars$164.82
4000 cedis to dollars$219.76
5000 ghana cedis to dollars$274.70
6000 cedis to dollars$329.64
10000 ghana cedis to dollars$549.40
20000 cedis to dollars$1,098.80
30000 cedis to dollars$1,648.20
100 000 cedis to dollars$5,493.99
Cedi to Dollar

Euro to Cedi

Below are today's Euro to Cedi exchange rates;

Euro to CediCedi
1 euro to cedisGH¢15.34
20 euros to cedisGH¢306.83
50 euro to cedisGH¢767.07
100 euro to cedisGH¢1,534.13
200 euros to cedisGH¢3,068.26
Euro to Cedi

Cedi to Euro

Below are today's Cedi to Euro exchange rates;

Cedi to EuroEuro
500 ghana cedis to euro€32.59
1 000 ghana cedis to euro€65.18
3000 ghana cedis to euro€195.55
Cedi to Euro

Naira to Cedi

Below are today's Naira to Cedi exchange rates;

Naira to CediCedi
1 naira to cedisGH¢0.01
100 naira to cedisGH¢0.95
1000 naira to cedisGH¢9.53
5k naira to cedisGH¢47.65
5000 naira to cedisGH¢47.65
10000 naira to cedisGH¢95.29
10k naira to cedisGH¢95.29
12000 naira to cedisGH¢114.35
20k naira to cedisGH¢190.58
100000 naira to cedisGH¢952.92
45000 naira to cedisGH¢428.81
50000 naira to cedisGH¢476.46
500 000 naira to cedisGH¢4,764.59
1 million naira to cedisGH¢9,529.18
2million naira to cedisGH¢19,058.36
5 million naira to cedisGH¢47,645.91
10 million naira to cedisGH¢95,291.82
50 million naira to cedisGH¢476,459.11
90 million naira to cedisGH¢857,626.40
Naira to Cedi

Cedis to Naira

Below are today's Cedis to Naira exchange rates;

Cedis to NairaNaira
1 cedis to naira₦104.94
10 ghana cedis to naira₦1,049.41
20 cedis to naira₦2,098.82
50 cedis to naira₦5,247.04
100 cedis to naira₦10,494.08
200 cedis to naira₦20,988.16
300 cedis to naira₦31,482.24
500 cedis to naira₦52,470.40
1000 cedis to naira₦104,940.80
2000 cedis to naira₦209,881.60
3000 cedis to naira₦314,822.40
5000 cedis to naira₦524,704.00
10000 cedis to naira₦1,049,408.00
Cedis to Naira

Pound to Cedis

Below are today's Pound to Cedis exchange rates;

Pound to CedisCedi (¢)
1 pound to cedisGH¢18.20
1£ to cedisGH¢18.20
10 pounds to cedisGH¢182.02
20 pounds to cedisGH¢364.03
50 pounds to cedisGH¢910.09
100 pounds to cedisGH¢1,820.17
1000 pounds to cedisGH¢18,201.70
3 billion pounds to cedisGH¢54,605,100,000.00
Pound to Cedis

Cedis to Pounds

Below are today's Cedis to Pounds exchange rates;

Cedis to PoundsPounds (£)
500 cedis to pounds£27.47
2000 cedis to pounds£109.88
Cedis to Pounds

Cedis to CFA

Below is today's Cedis to CFA exchange rates;

Cedis to CFACFA
1 cedis to cfaCFA43
10 cedis to cfaCFA428
100ghana cedis to cfaCFA4,276
200 cedis to cfaCFA8,552
2000 ghana cedis to Togo cfaCFA85,516
500ghana cedis to cfaCFA21,379
Cedis to CFA

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