Ghana Shippers Authority advocates harmonisation of standards for AfCFTA

March 19, 2024
Ghana Shippers Authority advocates harmonisation of standards for AfCFTA

Mr. Baffour Okyere Sarpong, CEO of the (GSA), has emphasized the critical need for expediting the harmonization of standards for goods and services to support the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (). He stated that this initiative is essential for enhancing commercial activities within AfCFTA and strengthening businesses across the continent.

The African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO), an intergovernmental standards body operating under the , is actively involved in developing and implementing standards to improve Africa's internal trade, global product competitiveness, consumer welfare, and future international trade standardization.

Mr. Okyere Sarpong highlighted that the harmonization of standards would play a vital role in eliminating technical barriers that inhibit continental trade. He underscored the importance of Shippers Councils across the continent sharing data to enhance AfCFTA trade, emphasizing the necessity for collaboration to exchange crucial information related to cargo handling, customs procedures, and trade regulations to foster economic growth.

These remarks were made during a courtesy visit by a delegation from the Shippers' Council (CNSC) to the Ghana Shippers Authority at the Ghana Shippers' House in . The delegation, led by Faliki Aicha, Assistant Director of Trade Facilitation at the CNSC, included Lewono Mbassi Marguenle, Export Promotion Officer, and Garba Houdou, Client Service and Standardisation Officer.

Ms. Faliki expressed that the visit aimed to participate in Ghana's Trade Fair and promote goods and services of Shippers in Cameroon under the AfCFTA. She affirmed their commitment to data sharing among Shippers Councils as a crucial enabler for realizing the full potential of this landmark trade agreement.

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