Goshen Global Vision trains organic farmers on Biochar Compost applications for sustainable agriculture

October 6, 2023
Goshen Global Vision trains organic farmers on Biochar Compost applications for sustainable agriculture: Ghana News

Goshen Global Vision, a non-governmental organization (), is organizing a trainer of trainers program on Biochar Compost application to promote climate-smart agriculture.

The initiative targets organic farmers in the Sekondi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA) and the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA) and seeks to sensitize them on the benefits of organic under the slogan, “You Are What You Eat. Eat Healthy!”

The campaign is supported by the US Forest Service Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the STMA and EKMA.

The training aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of farmers in applying Biochar Compost to their land, which provides long-lasting effects for up to four years before the depletion of organic fertilizer in the soil.

Madam Mary Perpetual Kwakuyi, the Executive Director of Goshen Global Vision, emphasized the importance of organic farming, noting that the organization aimed to certify farmers as organic producers of crops.

She discouraged the use of herbicides, urging farmers to explore harmless alternatives that did not degrade the land.

Dr. Daniel Nyarko, a Soil Scientist and Researcher at the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), demonstrated a practical compost fertilizer design using a Biochar Compost machine and sawdust.

He highlighted the advantages of Biochar Compost in conjunction with animal droppings to enhance crop yield while reducing costs.

The Director for Agriculture at STMA, Mr. Daniel Asimenu, commended the initiative and pledged the Agricultural Department's collaboration to support organic farming.

Agricultural Extension Agent (AEA) Mr. Emmanuel Quaicoe from EKMA expressed gratitude to Goshen Global Vision for the initiative, benefiting approximately 30 farmer cooperatives in his jurisdiction.

Mr. Obed Nana Tweneboah, the President of the STMA farmer cooperatives at Mampong, lauded Goshen Global Vision for their continuous interaction with farmers, benefiting around 70 farmer cooperatives in the area.

Dr. Elizabeth Tetteh, a Plant Entomologist from the CSIR in Takoradi, assured farmers of their commitment to providing assistance to boost production.

The initiative reflects the growing interest in sustainable and organic farming practices among Ghanaian farmers.

  • Reporting by P. K. Yankey: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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