GRA opens special window for taxpayers to rectify records

April 23, 2024
GRA opens special window for taxpayers to rectify records

The (GRA) has announced the opening of a special window for taxpayers to rectify their records and report undisclosed incomes, aiming to streamline tax declaration and payment processes for resident individuals.

In a press statement, the GRA emphasized the importance of this opportunity for eligible individuals to regularize their tax affairs, facilitating easier declaration and payment of taxes. The initiative comes in response to concerns raised by citizens regarding the tax status of individuals earning incomes abroad and their classification as “resident individuals” for tax purposes.

According to the GRA, the legal definition of a resident individual for tax purposes is outlined in the Income Tax Act 2015 (Act 896), specifically in Sections 3 (2) (a), 103, and 111. Resident individuals, as per the law, encompass citizens with a permanent home in Ghana who reside in the country throughout the year, as well as those who spend at least 183 days in Ghana within any 12-month period starting or ending within the year.

Furthermore, the GRA clarified that resident individuals also include government employees or officials posted abroad and citizens temporarily absent from Ghana for up to 365 continuous days, provided they maintain a permanent home in Ghana.

This initiative underscores the GRA's commitment to ensuring tax compliance and transparency while providing taxpayers with the opportunity to rectify any discrepancies in their tax records. Eligible individuals are encouraged to take advantage of this special window to fulfill their tax obligations and contribute to national revenue mobilization efforts.

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