Graduates encouraged to explore opportunities in fish marketing

February 5, 2024
Graduates encouraged to explore opportunities in fish marketing

Hanson Kodzo Dzamefe Jnr, the Bono Regional Director of the Fisheries Commission, has urged graduates to consider job opportunities within the fish marketing business. Emphasizing the lucrative nature of fish marketing, Dzamefe highlighted the need for individuals to bridge the gap in the value chain of the fishing industry.

He pointed out that there is a shortage of people involved in fish marketing and processing, and many fish farmers face challenges after harvesting due to a lack of marketing skills. Dzamefe suggested that tertiary institutions should incorporate knowledge about fish marketing into their curriculum to equip students with the necessary skills.

According to Dzamefe, individuals with a background in agri-business, marketing, purchasing, and supply programs could develop an interest in fish marketing. He emphasized that focusing on processing, adding value, and marketing is where the real profit lies in the fish industry.

To address this, the Bono Regional Office of the Fisheries Commission, in collaboration with the in , has initiated a program where students receive training on fish and marketing during their attachment. This practical experience aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge to start their own businesses and become economically self-reliant after graduation.

Dzamefe highlighted the promising nature of the fish industry, given the widespread consumption of fish in various forms, and encouraged university students to explore opportunities in fish marketing, contributing to their own success and the growth of the entire industry.

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