Heritage tourism creates wealth too!

June 13, 2024
Heritage tourism creates wealth

Humble, innocent, question: Why isn't “heritage” a factor in planning & zoning decisions in , Ghana? Except around the CBD & Jamestown, all late 19th & early 20th century architectural gems have been allowed to vanish. Demolished to pave way for concrete brutalities!

In Ridge, Cantonments, & Labone, cash-grabbing so-called real estate moguls have been allowed to systematically wipe out every trace of distinctly “Accra architecture”. This is now the site of where the historically important old building used to be. Obliterated.

Heritage tourism creates wealth too!

My understanding is that in future PURC wants to move out of the Olympic Committee building below to the futuristic edifice on the right. That's fine. But the original, historically important, building should not have been demolished. Heritage tourism creates wealth too!

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