India offers cooperative agriculture model to aid Ghana’s agro-sector transformation

May 22, 2024
India offers cooperative agriculture model to aid Ghana's agro-sector transformation

is offering to promote knowledge of its cooperative agriculture system to aid the transformation of the agro-sector in Ghana.

Mr. Manish Gupta, Indian High Commissioner, said the cooperative model proved efficient in securing inputs and smart agriculture practices for the development of agriculture, and would be of great benefit to Ghana.

At an engagement with a cross section of the media in the during a working visit, Mr Gupta said the unique bond of partnership and cooperation that existed between the two countries should affect various economic sectors, including agriculture.

He said Ghana's rich agricultural potentials, topography and ecology was very much like India and thus economic models could be seamlessly integrated.

“The cooperative model will work for all of us,” the High Commissioner assured, adding that it would help enable value addition for agriculture and enhance Ghana's agro-processing systems.

He said agriculture development should include other sectors, including horticulture and aquaculture and was sure the promotion of understanding of the Indian cooperative model would help the realisation of goals.

Mr. Gupta said other sectors such as manufacturing could be enhanced by working together, adding that manufacturing would greatly benefit the nation's fledging SME sector, create jobs and grow the economy.

The High Commissioner further stated the importance of India's partnership with Africa to its quest to become the world's third largest economy, and that thousands continued to gain from economic and education support programmes sponsored by the Indian Government.

He said direct foreign investments in Ghana, where the Indian community was nearing its fifth generation, was about two billion dollars in the past decade while supporting the government with one billion dollars.

The Diplomat said education exchange programmes had so far supported 4,000 Ghanaian students to study in India, all funded by the Indian Government.

He said India recognised Ghana's efforts to digitise its economy and would provide the needed support.

He said India looked to support sports development also and made mention how some Ghanaian players counted among the Indian national football team.

Mr. Gupta asked the media to help sustain the growing Indian investor community in Ghana, as well as efforts to enhance people to people context of friendship between the two countries.

The meeting was under the auspices of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, and Pastor Adza Tetteh, the Regional Economic Planning Officer, reaffirmed the Region's commitment to mutual growth.

Present was a cross section of media practitioners and regional heads of the Ghana Journalist Association in the who engaged with the High Commissioner on various issues.

Emmanuel Agbaxode, Chairman of the GJA in the Volta and Regions, thanked the diplomat for the honour, saying it was a great opportunity for rapid development.

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