John Mahama pledges to decentralize food procurement for free SHS

April 16, 2024
John Mahama pledges to decentralize food procurement for free SHS

During his Building Ghana Tour in the North East Region, , the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (), unveiled plans to overhaul the Free Senior High School () policy by decentralizing the procurement of food items for students.

Mahama expressed his intention to abolish the current system of food supply to SHSs by the National Food Buffer Stock Company, opting instead to empower school heads to directly procure food for their students. Under his proposed reforms, feeding grants would be channelled through school administrations, allowing them to purchase nutritious food items locally.

Addressing residents at Kambatiak, Mahama emphasized the benefits of decentralization, stating that empowering school administrators to procure food from local farmers would ensure a steady supply of fresh and nutritious meals for students. He highlighted the potential of this approach to support local agriculture and provide students with a diverse and healthy diet.

Mahama stressed the need to improve the programme by enhancing the quality of meals provided to students. By redirecting feeding grants to school heads, he aims to streamline the procurement process and promote greater accountability in the management of resources.

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