John Mahama promises fund for ageing creatives and comprehensive support for arts if elected in 2024

June 11, 2024
John Mahama promises fund for ageing creatives and comprehensive support for arts if elected in 2024

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (), , has promised to create a fund for ageing creatives if he takes over the reins of government after the December 2024 election.

He made this promise at a policy dialogue held at the AH Hotel in on Friday, June 7, 2024 for stakeholders of the creative arts industry.

According to him, the welfare of creatives has always been his concern; a reason he usually makes donations to such individuals in the entertainment space.

John Mahama, therefore, intimated that to sustain and amplify this gesture, he intends to put in place more effective measures.

“We will formalise the Ageing Artistes Fund. This one is my personal, greedy and selfish [promise] because it will take the burden off me for the current ones that I am taking care of. I think that the state should take part of that burden. So we will create a fund for ageing artistes and we will identify the indigen ones who are in support so that we can get them money to buy their medicines and be able to feed themselves. So we will set up the ageing artistes fund and we will formalise it,” he noted.

The former President indicated that elsewhere in the world, the most successful and the richest people are the creatives but the same cannot be said about Ghana.

“The creative arts is a very important industry and has the potential to create millions of jobs. All our young people who are sitting at home, many of them are talented but there are no opportunities for them to show their talents. So if we are able to put the creative industry on a sound footing, it will create opportunities for many of our young people,” he noted.

Ahead of the launch of their manifesto, he also mentioned other strategies they intend to use to elevate the industry if they are given the mandate to govern the country again.

Below are 22 of them captured by

(1). To make budgetary allocation for the creative arts

(2) Declare the Golden Age of Culture, Arts and Tourism, an overarching policy for the sector: where there will be actions and modules to promote job creation and . Under this will be the BlackStar Experience, which will be one of the sub-themes to imbue Africanism in Ghanaians and encourage people to come from all over the world to see our arts, tourism and culture.

(3). Renovate Centres of Arts and Culture in the various regions.

(4). To streamline copyright modalities and IP Laws

(5). There will be film festivals where Ghanaian films will be exhibited.

(6) They will also organise arts exhibitions, music shows, programmes

(7) There will be special focus on drama and theatre arts: playwrights will be supported to exhibit their plays

(8) Creatives to attend international trade fairs to exhibit Ghanaian culture and arts.

(9) To pursue the dream of establishing a film village, get equipment at low cost for film makers.

(10) To rehabilitate the National Theatre in Accra and build a second National Theatre in .

(11) To acquire a special event channel for the creative arts programmes on digital terrestrial television (DTT), provide a technology that will make that show payable, so people will pay to watch.

(12) To give special rates for performances at Blackstar Square, Accra International Conference Centre and other venues owned by the government.

(13) Encourage the teaching of music and arts in the curriculum: provide trained teachers for such subjects.

(14) Introduce tax breaks for creative artists who have Tax Identification Numbers (TIN).

(15) Formalise a fund for aging artistes.

(16) Revive the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC)

(17) In partnership with the private sector, develop all the tourist sites

(18) Revive the Marine Drive Project

(19) Provide Amusement Parks

(20) Review the tourism fund, and make sure it benefits the various stakeholders in the tourism value chain

(21) Build a new city on the banks of the with facilities that will generate arts activities and boost tourism.

(22) Hold annual stakeholder dialogue with people in the Creative Arts.

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