Lemonade Finance is now LemFi, reinforcing commitment to international payments

October 14, 2023

Lemonade Finance has announced its rebranding as LemFi, in a strategic move to enhance its dedication to global payment solutions and better serve its growing user base.

The decision to change the company's name was driven by a desire to simplify its brand and capture the essence of its vision, while also distinguishing itself in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.

Founded in 2020, Lemonade Finance initially aimed to empower immigrants in their pursuit of a better life.

The company provided a user-friendly app that facilitated money transfers to over 10 countries.

As its popularity grew and its services expanded across borders, Lemonade Finance became a vital link connecting families and loved ones separated by distance.

To align with its evolving growth and embrace the unique characteristics of its community, the decision to rebrand to LemFi was made.

Extensive collaboration with the team and the community played a crucial role in selecting a name that would better encapsulate the company's vision of offering a more inclusive and efficient means for people to send money home.

Lemonade Finance rebrands as LemFi

The introduction of LemFi represents the spirit of “No Borders, No Barriers, and no BS.” This new name reflects the company's commitment to simplicity, agility, and accessibility while maintaining its dedication to facilitating seamless financial transactions for its users.

Ridwan Olalere, the CEO and Co-Founder of LemFi explains the motivation behind the rebrand: “Our new name, ‘LEMFI,' represents our unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers and transcending borders. It symbolizes the strength and resilience of our community and allows us to carve our unique meaning within it.”

Alongside the rebrand, LemFi expands its vision. Previously focused on powering “International Payments for immigrants globally,” the company now aims to provide “International Payments for Everyone.”

To demonstrate this commitment, LemFi plans to unveil a series of exciting product updates in the coming weeks and months.

The LemFi team expresses gratitude to its valued users for their ongoing support and invites them to embark on this new chapter together.

As LemFi, the company will continue developing its product and expanding its reach to more countries in the near future, empowering individuals to confidently pursue their dreams.

Contact LemFi

To connect with LemFi and stay updated with their latest offerings, users can visit their new website at www.lemfi.com.

They can also follow LemFi on platforms: Facebook – UseLemfi, Instagram – @UseLemfi, and Twitter – @UseLemfi.

For any inquiries, the company can be reached via email at [email protected].

The rebranding marks an exciting milestone for LemFi as it strives to revolutionize international payments while fostering a more inclusive financial ecosystem for all.

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