Mastercard Foundation supports AMAATI to create 22,000 jobs

April 1, 2024
Mastercard Foundation supports AMAATI to create 22,000 jobs

AMAATI, with support from the Mastercard Foundation and IDH, has spearheaded a transformative initiative on the Fonio value chain, creating over 22,000 jobs for youth and empowering women in Northern Ghana.

Fonio, an indigenous crop with remarkable soil regeneration abilities, has become the focus of this initiative. Madam Salma Abdulai, the Co-Founder and CEO of AMAATI, highlighted the challenges faced by women in accessing land and the Company's innovative approach to address this issue.

By introducing Fonio cultivation on marginal lands, AMAATI has empowered women to become decision-makers in their communities and families, providing them with dignified income. The Company has supported 4000 smallholder women farmers, increasing their yields and facilitating market linkages to generate sustainable revenue.

The partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and IDH has expanded AMAATI's reach and impact, enabling the provision of essential services such as ploughing, seeds, and post-harvest management tools to smallholder farmers. This collaboration aims to stimulate production and consumption of Fonio, benefiting both rural communities and urban markets.

The initiative has diversified the livelihoods of thousands of women farmers, addressing their limited rights to land and natural resources. Beneficiaries express gratitude for the positive impact of the program, emphasizing the importance of AMAATI's presence in their communities for continued development.

AMAATI's mission is to create sustainable communities in through Fonio cultivation, nurturing both the land and its people. The Company's commitment to improving post-harvest processing and increasing access to markets underscores its dedication to long-term in the region.

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