Midlands African Chamber expands reach to African entrepreneurs

March 26, 2024
Midlands African Chamber expands reach to African entrepreneurs

The Midlands African Chamber in the of America is broadening its horizons to entrepreneurs in African countries, aiming to foster economic cooperation and collaboration. Karine Sokpoh, President of the Chamber, has embarked on a tour of several African nations, including Ghana, with a focus on exploring business opportunities and building bridges between African entrepreneurs and American businesses.

During her visit to the in Ghana, at the invitation of the Volta Development Forum (VDF), Sokpoh met with Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister, to discuss potential collaboration and introduce the Chamber's objectives. She highlighted the Chamber's significant African membership base, particularly in Nebraska, and its interests in various sectors such as technology, banking and finance, transportation, and real estate.

Sokpoh emphasized the Chamber's commitment to promoting cooperation and business opportunities, with a particular interest in enhancing the agricultural sector in Africa, leveraging Nebraska's expertise in and renewable fuels. She also highlighted professional job opportunities available in Nebraska, expressing a desire to facilitate collaboration between Ghana and the US State.

Acknowledging the social challenges in the Volta Region, particularly in water and sanitation, and education, Sokpoh pledged support from the Chamber to address these issues. She agreed with the Regional Minister and stakeholders on the need to establish a framework for collaboration.

Dr. Letsa, in response, underscored the vibrant private sector in the Volta Region, particularly in agriculture, ICT, and tourism, and expressed readiness to leverage foreign collaboration for growth. He commended the VDF for its efforts in boosting investor traffic to the Region and highlighted the potential of the Region's youth entrepreneurs with the right support.

Accompanying Sokpoh on the visit, Mr. Kwame Kludjesen, President of Sister Cities Organisations, advocated for sister city collaborations between African countries and the US, citing its potential for accelerated development. Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Agboka Dzegede, the Executive Director of the Volta Development Forum, affirmed the Organization's commitment to promoting collaboration and shared plans to revitalize the tourism industry in the Volta Region.

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