Minority raises concerns over escalating food prices

June 12, 2024
Minority raises concerns over escalating food prices

The in has raised concerns over the escalating prices of foodstuffs in the country, challenging the effectiveness and impact of the government's much-touted (PFJ) initiative.

The Caucus expressed deep dissatisfaction with the escalating food prices, noting that despite the approval and allocation of billions of Cedis for the implementation of the PFJ intervention, it has not delivered the anticipated positive outcomes.

In his opening remarks in Parliament on Tuesday, June 11, Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel painted a stark picture of the current economic hardship faced by many Ghanaians.

Using the rising price of tomatoes as his baseline, the Minority Leader highlighted the steep increase in food prices, which he said has exacerbated the cost of living of Ghanaians and placed a heavy burden on households across the nation.

“The price of a bucket of tomatoes, which was sold at GH¢75 at the beginning of this year, now sells at GH¢180. This represents an increase of 140%. Mr Speaker, the price of a crate of tomatoes increased by more than 360% between January and June this year alone, moving from GH¢1,500 to GH¢7,000. Times are very hard and Ghanaians are really suffering.

“Right Honourable Speaker, I am curious and I want to ask what has happened to the billions of Ghana Cedis approved by this House for the government's so-called flagship programme, Planting for Food and Jobs. Where is the food and where are the jobs?”

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