MTN Ghana adjusts tariffs in response to increasing operational costs

November 29, 2023
MTN Broadband Special bundle prices

has officially rolled out updated tariffs effective today, November 28, 2023.

The company cites increased operational costs as the primary driver behind the tariff adjustments, impacting calls, SMS, data, and other services.

In light of the revised tariffs, MTN has introduced changes to its Turbonet fixed bundles.

The 4.3-gigabyte bundle is now priced at GH₵43, with the 91-gigabyte bundle adjusted to GH₵253, and the 350-gigabyte bundle now available for GH₵516.

Furthermore, MTN's Broadband Special Bundles have also undergone upward revisions.

Users will now pay GH₵150 for a 39-gigabyte bundle and GH₵300 for a 195-gigabyte bundle.

MTN Prepaid data bundle prices

Data bundleNew price (GH₵)

MTN Turbonet fixed bundle prices

Data bundleNew price (GH₵)

MTN Broadband Special bundle prices

Data bundleNew price (GH₵)

MTN emphasized that these adjustments align with its commitment to comply with regulatory requirements.

The company was declared a Dominant/Significant Market Power (SMP) in the Voice, Data, and SMS markets by the (NCA) in June 2020.

Notably, MTN Ghana stands out as the sole profitable telecom company in the country, as revealed in its 2023 Q3 report on the (GSE).

The company posted a profit after tax of GH¢2.8 billion, marking a substantial 32.0 per cent increase over the same period last year.

Despite its financial success, MTN Ghana has faced challenges with its subscriber base due to the impact of the National Communications Authority's (NCA) directive on SIM disconnections.

The company reported a 9.3 per cent year-on-year decrease, bringing its subscriber base to 25.8 million, making it the telecom leader with the largest subscriber base in the country.

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