Nigerian cabal exploiting Ghana in lucrative deals, says North Tongu MP Okudzeto Ablakwa

October 14, 2023
Nigerian cabal exploiting Ghana in lucrative deals, says North Tongu MP Okudzeto Ablakwa
North Tongu MP Okudzeto Ablakwa

North Tongu Member of (MP), Samuel , has raised serious concerns about the actions of what he calls the “Phillips Olawole Olaiya led Nigerian cabal” in exploiting Ghana through questionable deals awarded to their companies.

Hon. Ablakwa accuses the cabal of taking advantage of their proximity to power and engaging in sweetheart deals that are detrimental to Ghana's interests.

In his statement, Hon. Ablakwa highlights several deals involving the cabal and their associated companies, which he believes have been unfairly awarded at the expense of Ghanaian businesses and the economy. He lists the following deals:

  1. Kelni GVG Revenue Assurance Deal: Valued at US$178 million.
  2. Smart Infraco Smart Workplace Deal: Valued at US$36 million.
  3. Ascend Digital Solutions Limited Rural Telephony Deal: Valued at US$48 million.
  4. Ascend/AirtelTigo JV Funded eTransform Project: Valued at US$49.5 million.
  5. NCA's Electronic Communications Managed Services License (ECMSL): A deal aimed at restricting Ericsson and Huawei and potentially generating US$60 million in annual profits for the Cabal.

Hon. Ablakwa reveals that the cumulative value of these controversial contracts in the communications sector awarded to the Nigerian cabal amounts to US$371.5 million.

He expresses concern about the impact on Ghana's economy and questions why Ghanaian IT firms, once well-established and celebrated, have been sidelined in favour of these Nigerian companies.

He raises a poignant question about whether Nigerian leaders would reciprocate such favouritism towards Ghanaian businesses, emphasizing the need for fairness and equal treatment between nations.

Hon. Ablakwa also criticizes the violation of Ghana's procurement laws and the impunity with which the Cabal flouts other regulations.

However, Hon. Ablakwa assures that the day of reckoning for these practices is approaching. He remains resolute in his commitment to upholding the principles of transparency, and accountability and putting Ghana's interests first.

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