OML Africa introduces employer of record services to simplify workforce management

July 19, 2023
OML Africa introduces employer of record services to simplify workforce management
Madam Anita Wiafe

OML Africa, a human resource solution provider, has introduced the innovative Employer of Record (EOR) service tailored specifically for foreign companies establishing their businesses in Africa.

The new HR solution aims to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and empower organisations with a seamless entry into the African market.

A statement issued in by Madam Anita Wiafe, Managing Director of OML Africa, said “Expanding into new markets can be a complex undertaking, especially when navigating the intricacies of local labour laws, employment regulations, and cultural nuances.”

It said recognising the immense potential and growth opportunities in Africa, OML Africa had developed an advanced EOR service to address the specific needs and challenges faced by foreign companies setting up operations in this diverse and vibrant continent.

The statement said, “by partnering with OML Africa, foreign companies gain access to a dedicated team of HR experts who possess deep local knowledge and expertise across multiple African countries.”

“This invaluable support allows businesses to focus on their core operations, ensuring a smoother entry into the African market and establishing a strong foundation for success,” it said.

It said key features and benefits of the service compliance Made Easy: Ensuring adherence to local labour laws, regulations, and employment practices across Africa, mitigating compliance risks and providing peace of mind to foreign companies.    

The statement said from hiring local talent to managing employment contracts, payroll, and benefits administration, OML Africa streamlines the entire onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for new employees.   

It said in the area of HR support, OML Africa's experienced HR professionals possess a deep understanding of local customs, languages, and business practices, enabling effective communication and fostering strong relationships within the African workforce.  

“OML Africa's EOR manages all aspects of payroll administration, ensuring accurate calculation of wages, deductions, and withholding taxes. Flexible multi-currency wallet with options,” it said.

The statement said, “with our expertise and deep understanding of the African market, we aim to simplify the process of establishing businesses, reduce risks, and help organizations flourish in this dynamic continent. Our goal is to be the trusted partner that enables seamless entry into Africa and facilitates long-term success.”

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