50 Profitable Online Business Ideas for Beginners

October 14, 2023
50 Profitable Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking for creative online business ideas and opportunities that are truly worth your time?

Are you weighing in on various online business ideas trying to decide which one is more than just internet hype? If so, you'll be surprised by the sheer richness and originality of the ideas shared in this post.

Like me, are you almost concluding that many so-called “lucrative” business ideas shared online are merely beautiful on-paper ideas that only seem to be profitable to those teaching it, and never to those practising it? Then this set of business ideas is written to help you.

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A couple of years ago, I watched several videos and researched several online business ideas looking for something that could be viable enough for me, and sad to say, I concluded that many of those shared by these influencers were simply clichés that filled up their content creation and drew thousands of page views and video traffic, they were just not practicable to people like me, living in Ghana, and most places like Ghana.

So without wasting much time, let's dive right into this amazing collection of the best online business ideas you can start today. Most of them can be achieved with minimal professional skills.

Transport Aggregator Platform

transport Aggregator platform

An aggregator is simply a system that collects related content and links them in a way that benefits users. 

As a business, this would be an online platform that brings together people who offer some specific service, transportation vendors like bus drivers or tour bus hiring services, and connecting them with specific searchers like schools, institutions, and businesses who need to outsource their transportation needs.


The cost of acquiring vehicles is very high for many businesses, especially for small businesses like basic schools and startups. Many businesses also find the burden and cost of vehicles, and taking on the employment of drivers, too demanding a task. Many service delivery companies now outsource their transport needs to specialised firms so that they can concentrate on their core business.


You will create an online aggregator platform, this would typically be a directory website. You can scale it to include Android and iOS mobile apps. Your goal here is to register as many individuals or firms who have the vehicles and are available to offer transportation services commercially. You'll then present the platform to the business community in need of this service.


You can easily see by now that your marketing goal here is to tell everyone in your target audience that you have the best solution to their business transportation needs. In addition to constantly improving your platform to satisfy all your customer needs and requests, this would be where you'll be focusing more of your marketing and product development budget. As more and more people hear of what you do, you'll begin to reap the rewards.

Start-up Cost

The start-up cost is fairly high, (About $500 to $1000) since it will only involve building your primary platform (website or mobile app). Depending on how quickly you want to see results, you would need some traditional advertising or digital marketing to gain initial traction. 

Your business will be mainly online, this means that your clients and users will be connecting with you via your  pages, your website or via email, so you'll also need a computer and access to the internet in order to stay in touch with your business community, to monitor and keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs)

Business/Company Registration Services

Business Company Registration Services

If you have the time to frequent your local business registration office, you can start a business and company registration service and turn it into a profitable business consulting firm. 

You're most likely not an official of your country's Business Registrar, but that's not an issue, you'll have several worthy contacts thereafter you start registering your first few businesses. You can then remotely use these contacts to facilitate your flow and cut the cost involved. 

You can include other services like marriage registrations, name changes, and more,


If your country has a relatively high  Ease of Doing Business rating, then there is likely to be thousands of new businesses starting each year. According to the US Business Formation Statistics (BFS), the number of business applications has been on a steady rise since the start of the previous decade. 

Over 4.3 Million new business registration applications were filed in the US in 2020 alone. The statistics are no different in many countries, in fact, in many emerging markets, this rate is far higher. This shows how much business you can have if you give your mind to this.


You will simply be an agent for new entrepreneurs, helping them to properly file their business registration applications for a fee.


Your marketing strategy is what will make this an online business idea, in that you'll be reaching out to potential customers via the internet. If you're in Ghana, , or other lower-income nations, Instagram and Facebook can be a good place to start. Make sure you take the time to set up your business page to look professional enough and design a content creation schedule to help you post consistently.

If you do this well, your best advertising would be your old happy customers. Note that the absence of an entry barrier means you'll either be facing tighter competition or an industry with several half-baked players.

Start-up Cost

A very low start-up cost is needed here since this is the service you'll be offering yourself. You need a personal computer, or a smartphone, to help you to engage with prospective clients, and to answer their inquiries

Delivery/Courier Services

Delivery Courier Services

The pandemic has drastically changed how we do things in the past couple of years. Today, virtual workplaces and working from home have become part of many economies. A lot can be done online, but a lot must be done in person. And this is where you come in. 


Now that buying online is catching up with even the low-earning populations, delivering purchased products has become more and more demanding as a service


Your product offering will simply be to offer eCommerce and online shops an easy solution to deliver purchased goods. You might need to take stock of the products and do the delivery when they are purchased, or you can pick them up from the seller when called upon. 


You'll be taking advantage of a good setup and well-managed social media business pages to build a steady following which you'll gradually convert into customers.

Be mindful that even though anyone can be your target audience, e-commerce and corporate clients are the ones who will give you consistent work. This will affect who you target in any content creation activities you undertake.

Start-up Cost

If you intend to run this purely as an online business, then you'll need a personal computer and dependable access to the internet. Then you could organise a network of town riders or motorbikers to do the deliveries for you. But if you want to do the actual deliveries yourself, then you'll also need, at least, one motorbike or town rider

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

If you have a personal computer, then you can start a graphic design business just by acquainting yourself with high-demand skills like typography, photo retouching, logo design and print media design. Instagram and Pinterest are amazing resources for graphic designers, set up your Instagram business page to showcase the height of your creativity.

Don't worry if you don't have any of these skills, it may take you a few months and practice to master these skills. The simplest approach would be to go to YouTube for graphic design tutorials. Many graphic designers eventually become established as brand marketers and social media managers for businesses, so we encourage you not to stop at only designing handbills and flyers.


You've heard the saying “A picture can communicate better than a thousand words”. Well, this simply means businesses and internet users are ever in need of creative graphic designs to help them stand out in communicating their brands to their target audience.


You'll simply be providing people and businesses with well-designed graphic content-creating services at a fee. 


The marketing strategy here is to use well-set-up social media pages showcasing your best works as your portfolio until you're ready for your portfolio website. You can also use designer platforms like Behance, or Dribbble.  

Remember to put together a Price List including all cost components and packages. You can make your rates competitive by taking price lists from a few other established graphic designers, and you can offer rates that are in line with your skills and against theirs.

Start-up Cost

The start-up cost of a graphic design business is fairly low, you'll need a good personal computer and access to the internet. You might also need to budget for a few graphic design courses to brush up on your design skills. 

You'll need graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop for your image editing, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for your logo designs, and Adobe Indesign for your print layout and finishing works.

Copywriting and Content Writing

Copywriting and Content Writing

Copywriting is a special kind of writing that demonstrates how to use some product or specific features of a product. It is writing content for advertising or other forms of marketing. Relatedly, content writing is simply the act of producing written content mostly for targeted advertisement. 

Enterprise websites have a hard time attracting the needed online visitors mainly because people hardly do business with unknown brands. The trend is that people engage with a brand on multiple occasions before they commit to a lead or a purchase. 

So the question is, how do businesses make sales online? Simply, they establish themselves as a trusted and authoritative voice in the industry by offering needed content to online searchers. And as the users consume this mostly free information, the brand's products and services are gradually pushed to them. 


With business owners already occupied with their daily business operations, you can see how sought-after professional content creation services are. It is an evergreen turf that keeps growing as businesses are continually in need of fresh search-engine-optimized (SEO) web content.


Depending on your writing skills, you will be writing articles for blog posts, webpage content, press releases, social media posts and captions, and even email pitches.


Your market will mostly be businesses with an online presence who want to grow via content creation. Such businesses are often in need of professional SEO content writing focused on increased web page view traffic and driving sales conversion. You might need to offer to write as a guest author while you build your reputation as a professional content creator. 

Start-up Cost

Besides your computer, you need strong writing skills, a good understanding of search engine optimizations (SEO) content marketing, and a means of motivating yourself to keep churning out new quality content. Tools like Google Docs, Grammarly, Ahrefs, and Phrase. 

Your pricing will always depend on your skills, which you can improve with YouTube tutorial videos and Udemy Courses. Just know that you can charge hundreds of dollars for a single article if you know what you're doing. Consider setting up a free blog on WordPress.com for a start to showcase some of your writings.

Video Content Creation

Video Content Creation

If you have a good smartphone and can speak in front of a camera, then you can create simple promo videos of yourself promoting products and services for businesses. Video content for websites and social media is immensely helpful in increasing user engagement and time-on-site, and on to increase conversion rate.


The biggest demand for video content creation services is from companies running strong social media marketing and those with a strong online presence. Quality videos for social media ads and Google display ads help to increase ad conversion rate and ROI.


Simple promo videos to showcase products and services, and company logos reveal videos. Social media video content is also something your target audience would need.


You can use social media to reach your target audience. With just a little more effort, you can grow a relevant following of other small business owners who could supply you with endless design job offers. You can showcase some of your best works on platforms like Dribbble and Behance

Start-up Cost

You” ll need a good smartphone to shoot your clips, and a computer to edit your footage. You will also need to invest in a professional video editing software suite like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect or 

Tutor Exams Candidates  (One-on-one)

Tutor Exams Candidates One on one

Exam candidates always need help, especially from experienced teachers. If you have any higher learning achievements, you can capitalise on this opportunity to help prepare exam candidates for their papers. 


The hybrid system of in-person and online teaching used in many schools and colleges makes many students far less prepared for their assessments. Also, many part-time students are barely able to make the time to attend their lectures. You, this simply means you have a sizable demand to sustain a profitable exam candidates tutorial business.


You can focus on a particular institution, (like Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA), level of education (basic, secondary, undergraduate, or postgraduate), or examinations (IELTS, SAT, WAEC, etc.). 

Consider including assignment and project work assistance. You can also offer data collection and analysis services to them as well.


Put together an easy-to-understand package system that includes all possible services you can offer your students with accompanying tuition fees per month or per term. Deliver on your promise and impress your students, because referrals will be your main marketing channel, in addition to your social media pages.

Start-up Cost

You can operate entirely online, and that can help you save on rent and utility on physical lecture rooms. You'll need to set up a simple studio-like desk in your office, a computer with a good internet connection, a camera and some kind of lighting system. 

In preparing for the lessons themselves, you might consider acquiring access to relevant online libraries for your research materials.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencer Marketing

One online business idea which still works is social media influencer marketing for small brands. How this works is simply to select a niche, set up, and grow the follower base and engagement on your social media business page to over a couple of ten thousand followers. 

You know you are ready to monetize this if every commercial content gets a sizable amount of engagement. There are ‘so-called' influencers who post their clients' content and it barely gets any engagement even after days. Any serious marketing would check this to make sure they get the required ROI. 


Like all other marketing channels, social media influencer marketing 

Second-hand Clothing Online Store

Second hand Clothing Online Store

This is what some people call a “thrift” shop. It's simple to set up an online shop and sell pre-owned clothing. A surprisingly fast-moving business, many second-hand shops are now taking their business online, and the first movers are fast reaping the benefits in huge margins. 

Used Mobile Phone Store

Used Mobile Phone Store

Also fast-moving good, used smartphones are selling like hotcakes nowadays. Selling them online in a well-set up online shop is the way to take advantage of this thriving business. 

Take note though that there are a lot of scammers and fraudsters in this trade that you might have to establish your reputation as a trusted dealer through the reviews of satisfied customers and the clarity of your business dealings and policies like your return policy and terms of use.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Brands have their hands full with their core business operations, and yet they see the need for a strong and active social media presence. And that is your online business opportunity.

Like the social media influencer, you prove your worth for the job by setting up and growing your own business page to a certain standard of quality and size. 

Write and Publish a book

Write and Publish a book

At number twelve on our list of viable online business opportunities that are still truly profitable is to write and publish a book.

This may be the most difficult idea on this list because not everyone has the needed skills, dedication and availability to stick through the process until they have a draft copy of a book that is worth paying for. But if you have these things, then you already have your key to success. 

The thing that makes writing a book such a viable business idea is that you could reap the returns for years and years and the work itself is done, provided you take the right approach.

Start-up Cost

You'll need some professional help here in the form of proofreading and editing.

Also, cutting costs is always a good idea, yet we would recommend that you hire a designer to handle the design and layout, and we will strongly discourage desktop publishing if financial return is your goal.

Business Blogging

Business Blogging

The internet is here to stay, and most people have yet to understand that the content they read online is far from the “gospel truth”.

There is so much misinformation out there on many subjects, and a certain level of quality is absent, especially on less explored topics. 

Now, this is where your opportunity lies. Anytime you search for information and get disappointing results is an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on that subject and make decent money doing so.

Blogging for business is simply writing online content to nurture a reputation as an authority on a topic, and then strategically monetizing that traffic volume.


The golden rule to blogging for business is to create evergreen content that users are searching for. If you can do this, you could make thousands of dollars blogging, especially if the search queries they use also have buying intent behind them

Start-up Cost

Before going into blogging, be mindful that it may take you several months to create quality content before you start making anything meaningful money.

Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer

Needless to say, very few people know what a business plan is, and even few entrepreneurs know how to draft a working business plan for their businesses.

You can craft decent online business consulting for small businesses by writing professional business plans for small businesses.

Do this for your local and regional audience and you could easily scale to include other business management services like virtual assistance and crafting marketing plans.

App and Web Development

App and Web Development

Don't worry if you are not a software programmer, or mobile app developer yourself, because you don't have to be.

First, see the immense opportunity to solve some pertinent problems with the power of technology, then hire a mobile app developer to build one for you. 

There are mobile applications that offer a solution in a hands-off manner that requires little effort to operate.

An example would be an app that aggregates data from external sources like a stock and bonds price app, or a local breaking news app. 


You'll be building the mobile apps or websites for your clients yourself, or you could outsource the programming of your apps, and just sell the completed products. 

Podcast/Online Radio Channel

Podcast Online Radio Channel

You'll be surprised what little effort it takes to start your podcast or online radio channel. First of all, you'll be discussing topics you're already passionate or knowledgeable about. 

Do a quick research to find a free and premium option for hosting your podcast.

Consider service tools like Audacity for preparing your feed and hosting platforms like Anchor.fm.

Like social media influencers or blogging, you have to build a strong following with your podcasting or radio content strategy before you can monetize your audience.

YouTube Video Channel

YouTube Video Channel

YouTube has become the second-largest search engine, coming after Google search. With a little bit of effort, you can have yourself a thriving source of income.

The approach here is to create considerable content for your chosen niche audience.

With YouTube, consistency is a preferred strategy to quantity. Are you passionate about sharing ideas, or teaching any subject? Then a YouTube video channel is probably a great business opportunity for you. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling the products of another company on a commission basis.

Affiliates sign up on a program established by a company and they are given a special referral link.

They are then paid a specified percentage in commission for every referral purchase made via that referral link.

There are several good affiliate marketing programs out there offering various attractive commissions.

For some of these programs, you'll still be paid a commission if someone uses your link to visit that site but makes the purchase after as many as 60 days. 

Mentorship Club

Mentorship Club

A mentorship club is simply an exclusive platform of paid members who are offered some coaching in business success or in some professional careers.

To do this as a business would need to set up a membership website, you can start with a private Facebook and Telegram group, and Instagram also has this feature. 

It would be better if you're the main coach yourself, even though you can bring on board other resource persons to deliver on special subjects.

But if you're not an excerpt yourself, you can still act as a facilitator of the group and supply them with the coaching resources they need.


Lessons on time management, strategic thinking, efficiency, resilience, communication, networking, and finance are some very needed skills of business owners.


Your member will be paying you to be part of your exclusive club mainly because of the value you'll be adding to their leadership arsenals. So put together all sorts of training programs for your members to make their subscription worthwhile.

Multi-vendor Marketplace

Multi vendor Marketplace

A multi-vendor marketplace is a website on which other people can post and sell their products.

Customers make order payments to the web admin, and the system automatically credits the seller less a commission and handling fee paid to the site admin.

The seller can withdraw his or her funds after a particular threshold is reached, or after a specified number of days. 

Online Project Management Consultant

Online Project Management Consultant

Project management consultants bring specialised skills and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible business decisions.

You can provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.


As a project management consultant, you'll be offering the following tasks to businesses for a fee:

  • Facilitating meetings
  • Building positive relationships with clients, vendors and management
  • Tracking documentation and data collection
  • Creating presentations
  • Conducting follow-up studies on projects

Financial Adviser

Financial Adviser

Financial management decisions are a headache for many small businesses. Do you have a background in finance? Then you can offer financial advisory support to businesses and individuals at a fee.


There are a number of invaluable services you'll be offering your clients as their financial advisor. You'll be responsible for more than just executing trades in the market on behalf of your clients. 

You'll use your knowledge and expertise to construct personalised financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of your clients, including their investments, savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies.

You'll also check in with your clients on a regular basis to re-evaluate their current situation and future goals and plan accordingly.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Do you have any skills in online advertising and digital marketing? There are many small businesses that use Facebook for almost all their online business activities.

This presents an enormous business opportunity for sponsored advertising support.  and many of them simply boost their

SEO Services

SEO Services

Do you have any skills in ranking content on search engines like Google Search, Google Maps or YouTube? Do you know how to properly set up the local SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Without a properly set implemented SEO strategy, content published on the internet will be largely unknown and undiscovered, many of them will not even be discovered by search engine crawlers. 

You can easily see why SEO has become a sought-after expertise all of a sudden. Many large companies now have an in-house SEO on staff. 


There are many business websites that get next to no web monthly traffic at all, because of a badly implemented SEO strategy or no SEO work at all. With more and more businesses becoming aware of the potential of internet marketing as a major sales channel, SEO has become an essential need of every business.

Sell School Notes and Past Exams Questions

Sell School Notes and Past Exams Questions 1

Past questions and lecture notes are an invaluable resource to any student. If you have your own past questions available, you can sell them online.

If you don't, you could make it your business to buy other people's lecture notes and past questions just to make them available for sale as part of your products.

You can scale this into an online marketplace where people can sell their past exam questions and lecture notes.

Print Media Layout Design

This is simply creating design templates for various print media for sale.

This would be a viable business for graphic and media designers.

Instead of doing one-on-one jobs for individual clients, you can resell the same designs endlessly if you offer them as mockup templates online.

Proofreading Services

Print Media Layout Design 1

Do you have an eye for typographic errors? You can put this to good use by offering proofreading and editing services to writers at a fee.

If you are able to do this for a few satisfied clients, you could gain a reputation as an authority in editorial work.


Note that there are now many AI tools that can enhance the writing process, correct faulty grammar, and even check plagiarism.

Your skills must go beyond this, by being able to re-word sentences and clarify contextual meanings. Also, note that your worth will lie largely in your ability to complete projects on time.

Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping Service 1

Many small businesses struggle with their accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Many more simply don't keep records at all. You can offer them bookkeeping services at a fee.

As a  bookkeeper for your clients, you would be handling the recording of day-to-day bank transactions, preparing invoices and sending them to your client's customers. 

You'll also be managing their accounts receivable ledger, and chasing late payments.

Document Translation Service

Document Translation Service 1

Reaching a global audience with written content always faces the challenge of the language barrier.

It might surprise you that even though English is the world's widest-spoken language with over 1.3 billion speakers, Mandarin also has 1.12 billion speakers.

Hindi and Spanish have 600 million and 543 million speakers respectively.

Writers are ever in need of translation services for their content so that they can reach many more people.

This is true of businesses as well, and that is why you'll be putting your translation skills to use as an online business opportunity.

Buy and Sell Website Domain Names

Buy and Sell Website Domain Names 1

Buying and selling parked domains has always been a thriving business.

Thousands of new companies are being formed every day. And many of them will be registering domain names for their websites. 

The idea here is to come up with brilliant-sounding domain names and register them with the intention of reselling them to prospective customers at a higher price for profit.

A domain name costs about $18 a year, and a parked domain name could cost as much as $2000 a year. 


SaaS 1

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a web application used by customers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Many software authors are now resorting to SaaS as a way to maximize their returns and curtail software piracy. 

Similar to mobile app development, SaaS is very lucrative, but you may incur a high initial cost to set it off, mainly because you might need to outsource the development to a software programmer.

Once you get it set up you might only need minor updates from time to time.

However, the service can be used by an endless amount of users for years to come. And this is what makes SaaS a lucrative business idea.

Events Arena Website

Events Arena Website 1

An even arena website is a platform where event hosts and organisers publish and promote their events on the internet.

This would in a sense be a classified ads platform but dedicated to events.

You can just hire a web developer to build your platform for you, then you can take over the site admin operations. 


Offer services like ticketing and membership to event organisers at a fee.

A ticketing system will make the platform into a multi-vendor system, and you can take a commission on each order.

Online Course

Online Course 1

Selling your own online course should probably be the first on this list of profitable online business ideas anyone can go into. It is simply a goldmine if done right. 

Every single skill you can think of can be taught in a course and made available for sale online. 

You simply film yourself teaching the course and then you'll edit the clips with your lecture notes in a slide.

Typically,  you show yourself only in the introductory sections, afterwards, it's all slides with you explaining the concepts.  You take a look at some free courses on Udemy for inspiration 

Classified Ads Website

Classified Ads Website 1

This is simply a website on which users post their products and services for sale.

It could include items for sale,  for exchange, for rent or for hire, and people looking to buy or hire some item or real estate.

It often included every imaginable item category possible; from houses and lands for sale, to vehicles for sale and for rent.

Advanced versions include staff recommendations and job boards as well.

Remember to offer security guidelines to reduce fraudulent activities on your platform, and boost your reputation as a worthy platform for all classes of people.


You can set up various pricing packages ranging from free listings to premium and promoted listings. This would be your main revenue since the purchases themselves would not involve you. Essentially, you just bring the buyers and sellers together.

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals 1

You can set up a special equipment rental platform and bring together equipment owners and those seeking to rent them.

This can take two forms; you can either make it into a multi-vendor system and take payment for the item… the owner delivers the item, and they get paid after the item is returned, and you take a commission on the order. 

Or you could simply make this a classified system where you just let the payments go directly to the item owners. You would only charge for the use of the platform and for promoted listings.

Remote Sales Teams – Cold Calling

Remote Customer Service Agency

Finding clients for a company's products and services is a challenge for many businesses.

If profit is the goal of a business, then you can easily see how low sales can put any company out of service.

You can help small businesses with their sales by offering them off-shore sales assistance.

You'll basically be pitching their services to prospective clients via phone conversations. 

Remote Customer Service Agency

Customer support services have been taking up more and more time.

Instead of spending their time on their core business, many human resources are dedicated to customer service, and this is your business opportunity. 

You can set up a small firm of a team of CS agents trained in-house, and offer CS support services to larger companies at a fee.


With the assistance of professional customer service software, you can scale this business to serve many international and large corporations. 

News/Media Website

News Media Website 1

Online news portals have a lot of influence in shaping ideas and culture. If you're passionate about any industry, you could take the “commentator” approach and report what is happening in that industry. 

It could be politics, education, entertainment, religion, etc. Others can make the headlines, you can literally build a media empire just from reporting what they are doing.


Unlike traditional print media, online media new content is largely low in quality in many countries.  You'll not require any licensing to start publishing your content.

The umpire here seems to be the Google News algorithm, set up your website professionally with all the advanced schema you can find, and your articles will be read by millions after just a few months of operation.


Your revenue will come from monetizing your website traffic with ad networks and native ads..


So it is journalism alright, but you'll make money through advertisement. This means you have to put together an advertising proposal and approach prospective advertisers with an offer to place native ads on your platform 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) Campaigns

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC Campaigns 1

Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are online advertising in which the advertiser pays an amount each time a user clicks on their ad. All social media ads like Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest and even Tic-Tok ads are all Pay-per-click.

PPC has now become an essential component of every good marketing strategy because of how effective it has proven to be. 


Many business owners simply “boost” a social media post and that's all they do in terms of ad set-up, they spend far more on their ad campaigns than how much marketing professionals spend, and that is where you come in. 


You'll be setting up professional PPC ad campaigns for businesses at a fee, closely monitoring and carefully studying the Analytics to help increase your client's ROI on their advertising budget.

Start-up Cost

You'll need some training in digital marketing, Search engine marketing (SEM) and how to set up PPC campaigns on various social media platforms. 

Local Artisans Directory

Local Artisans Directory 1

Finding qualified artisans to help fix a faulty vehicle part, repair a roof, or any such task can be a headache, in many places all over the world. Sometimes even getting skilled manual workers for a factory or a construction site is not easy. 

Right there is your lucrative business idea, set up an online directory of local artisans and labourers. You can make it a classified ads site, and just allow the artisans to meet with prospective job owners.

You can also make it a multi-vendor system and take the payment from the job owner and then pay the worker after the job owner confirms that the work has been done satisfactorily. 

Jobs Board

Jobs Board 1

Jobs are a need everywhere, and that's an immense business opportunity for you, but also, an opportunity to help solve the problem of joblessness. 

You won't directly be providing jobs to the unemployed, you will be helping them to find the right jobs by bringing together employers and job seekers.


You'll not have to worry about the demand for your services, because the demand for jobs is topical in all modern economies. Offering an up-to-standard service should probably be your concern.

Start-up Cost

You'll be setting up a website that lists job vacancies in your city, region or country. You can just allow employers to post their job vacancies, but that would probably not make your platform as competitive or have the needed volume of job listings to make you stand out among the competition. 

This is why you may have to hire a team of HR staff to approach prospective employers and help them to list their job vacancies.

Cleaning/Laundry Service

Cleaning Laundry Service 1

Working-class people, people who live alone, busy people, elderly people and businesses have a common need for help with cleaning, and laundry services. 

You can offer house-to-house cleaning services at a fee. You may need a physical location from where you can take delivery of the items to be cleaned, or you could just do the cleaning at the homes of your clients. 

Gaming Mobile App

Gaming Mobile App 1

Millions of people play mobile app games every day, many of these games are actually designed to lock in their users by being addictive in nature. If you have some money to invest, you can consider hiring an app developer to build a mobile app for you.

You can also purchase one from CodeCanyon. You'll have to launch your app on all app stores and spend some money promoting it to get a couple of thousand users.


Depending on how well-built your app is, you can offer it for free to your users, and look to make money from advertising, or you could let your users pay an amount to play the game. You can also offer some in-app features for sale. Whatever you do, if people love your app, you can make a lot of money from it.

Sell Handmade Items

Sell Handmade Items 1

This would be an online shop where you sell handcrafted items. Surprisingly very lucrative because of the low cost of making these items, you could easily make a name for yourself as the go-to vendor of locally made handcrafted items. Consider including items that represent some cultural value like paintings.


Besides impulse buyers, there are many people who love to collect handmade items mostly for ornamental purposes. 

Start-up Cost

You'll need to set up your online shop, stock your inventory, and make delivery arrangements.

PR Writing and Distribution

PR Writing and Distribution 1

PR is a very effective marketing channel used by many established companies. Today, it's not just about publishing in print media, but on online news platforms.

Are you good at writing, do you have any training in journalism, or can you get some training in writing? If you can, then writing and distributing press releases may be your opportunity to make a fortune.

If you don't trust your writing skills, you can always consider taking a course on copywriting and content writing.

Publishing in known international channels like Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, and Forbes can be rather expensive (over $2000), but many less known channels take just a token.


You'll be writing about companies, institutions, individuals and events, and you'll distribute your content to be published by news websites. There are many PR distribution services out there that you can use to distribute your content for your clients.

Passport and ID Acquisition/Renewal Services

Passport and ID Acquisition Renewal Services 1

If you know anything about passports and other official documentation, acquiring or renewing them could be a difficult task in many countries. If you live in any such country, then this could be your business opportunity. Set up a small firm that helps people to get their passports or to renew expired ones. 

You can scale this to include other paperwork like business registration and other official certifications.

Run Local Area Errands

Run Local Area Errands 1

Foreigners and offshore businesses often have tasks of various magnitude to undertake in your country, but do not have their own groundsmen present for such works.

An example of this could be the provision of information on the price of real estate or where to buy land in your country. Another one could be to film footage of your locality for your clients. 

For regions noted for some popular tourist attractions, you could be asked to provide images or to make purchases of some traditional items and ship them to your clients. You can make yourself available to run errands for international clients at a fee. 

Market Research & Data Collection

Market Research Data Collection 1

All established businesses conduct extensive market research and data collection and analysis before they make all major marketing decisions.

If you know how to use tools like Tally, SPSS, ArcGIS, Microsoft Excel, and tools for survey data collection, you can offer market research and data collection services to businesses and individuals at a fee.

The data you collect can always be resold to other clients.

Local Debt Collection Services

Local Debt Collection Services 1

Lenders have a hard time recovering funds from borrowers for various reasons. Non-performing loans are a major culprit in the collapse of many financial institutions in many developing countries around the world.

If you have any training in negotiation skills, you can set up a firm that specialises in recovering unpaid debts. Note that you might need a few legal professionals as part of your best collection team.

Moving Company

Moving Company 1

If you have a van or a truck, you can help people to transport their belongings when they are relocating.

Mainly a physical task, the internet could be your main tool for marketing your services and acquiring new customers.

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