PwC Ghana launches 2024 Gender Diversity Banking Report

April 1, 2024
PwC Ghana launches 2024 Gender Diversity Banking Report

Panellists at the launch of PwC Ghana's Gender Diversity Banking Report have underscored the urgent need for deliberate efforts and collaborative actions to address gender disparities and ensure more women are represented at the top echelons of the banking industry in Ghana.

Entitled “Changing Currency: Examining Trends and Challenges of Female Participation in Ghana's Banking Sector,” the report, compiled from a comprehensive survey conducted over four months, delves deep into the experiences and insights of women working within Ghana's banking sector. The survey, which focuses on females in senior management positions and on boards, aims to identify barriers hindering women's career advancement while analyzing factors that foster their success in the industry.

Among the key findings is the perception among many female executives that banks tend to view diversity and inclusion as secondary considerations, overlooking their crucial role in driving progress and organizational resilience. Additionally, the report highlights the significant challenge of establishing a healthy work-life balance, particularly for women in senior positions, where representation remains sparse.

Andrea Dwamenah, a Manager at PwC who presented the report's key findings, emphasized that the interviews conducted with 26 individuals, mostly women in senior management and Human Resources Executives, aimed to gain insights into the industry's stance on diversity, inclusion, and work-life integration. Dwamenah stressed the importance of providing networking opportunities and mentorship programs to empower women in the banking sector.

Addressing inhibitors to women's representation in senior positions, Dwamenah cited self-doubt, skepticism from colleagues, family objections, societal expectations, and the issue of sexual harassment within the Ghanaian banking sector. She called for a more proactive approach to addressing sexual harassment, emphasizing the need for continued dialogue and action to eradicate this pervasive issue.

Clara Amarteifio-Taylor, Partner and Inclusion & Diversity Leader, highlighted the pivotal role women play in advancing Ghana's banking sector and expressed hope that the report would empower more women to excel within the industry.

Vish Ashiagbor, Country Senior Partner, stressed the importance of understanding the challenges and opportunities women face in the financial services industry to drive positive change effectively.

The launch event, attended by senior executives from Ghana's banking sector, featured insightful panel discussions with esteemed industry leaders, including Dr. Cynthia Forson, Board Member at CalBank; John Awuah, CEO and President of the Ghana Association of Bankers, and Pearl Nkrumah, Executive Director at .

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