QNET takes strong stand against misuse of its name and reputation

May 23, 2023
QNET takes strong stand against misuse of its name and reputation

QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness company operating through direct selling, has made it clear that it will take firm action against independent representatives and other individuals who engage in unsanctioned and irresponsible behaviours that tarnish the company's image.

During a meeting with journalists, Mr. Trevor Kuna, Chief Transformation and Reputation Officer of QNET emphasized the company's determination to address the issue head-on.

Mr Kuna stated, “QNET has been around for 25 years. It is neither a Ponzi nor an investment scheme. It is basically a direct selling business model.”

He further explained, “Our products are sold directly to the end-users. We have provided the opportunity for people to buy our products directly or market these products to others one-on-one, earning a commission on the sales.”

However, despite QNET's commitment to ethical practices, some independent representatives have engaged in unethical and unprofessional conduct, which has harmed the company's reputation.

QNET is taking decisive measures to suspend, terminate, or prosecute individuals involved in unethical practices, depending on the nature of their behaviour.

Mr. Kuna highlighted that QNET ensures its independent representatives sign an agreement to uphold ethical and professional standards, and they receive training on the company's guidelines.

QNET acknowledges the presence of fraudulent entities and individuals who falsely claim affiliation with the company, using its name for recruitment scams. These actions have led to confusion, distrust, and misleading information for customers and the public.

QNET clarifies that these individuals are not associated with the company and may even be scammers who have neither purchased QNET products nor registered in the company's database.

To address these issues, QNET is dedicated to collaborating with authorities to apprehend and prosecute those responsible. The company is committed to providing accurate information and updates to the media to safeguard and promote its reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality products and services.

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