Questions raised as Ghana Black Stars’ AFCON 2023 Group stage exit cost nation over $1.5 million

January 24, 2024
Ghana's costly $1.5 million AFCON 2023 Group stage exit raises questions

Sports journalist Fentuo Tahiru has shed light on the financial implications of Ghana Black Stars' early exit from the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations () tournament.

The Black Stars' group stage departure has sparked scrutiny into the expenses incurred by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Official documents submitted to revealed that Ghana spent $1.5 million on the team's six AFCON 2023 qualifying matches against Central African Republic, Madagascar, and Angola. However, the Ministry did not provide a budget for the tournament, leaving the actual expenses undisclosed.

Comparatively, the expenses for the recent AFCON mirror those of the previous tournament in which Ghana exited at the group stage. Two years ago, the country spent $2.5 million for a similar outcome.

Tahiru questioned the discrepancy in spending, noting that, hypothetically, if the same amount was spent in Senegal for the AFCON, the total investment would reach $4 million. He emphasized the need to evaluate the returns on this investment.

For context, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) publicly disclosed that quarter-finalists in the AFCON would receive $1.3 million in prize money. The specific figures for the group stage are unavailable but are logically assumed to be significantly less than a million dollars.

Tahiru also expressed confusion over the spending pattern, questioning how the country could spend $1.5 million on six qualifying games, where flights and hotels are self-funded, while allocating $2.5 million for a tournament where expenses such as flights, hotels, and feeding are covered by CAF over a ten-day period.

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