Reroy Cables CEO highlights untapped opportunities in Ghana’s electrical field

July 9, 2023
Reroy Cables CEO highlights untapped opportunities in Ghana's electrical field
Kate Quartey

Madam Kate Quartey-Papafio, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reroy Cables, has emphasized the abundance of untapped opportunities in Ghana's electrical sector that can contribute to the country's development.

Speaking at a job fair organized by the German Cooperation, the , and the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Ashaiman, she called for long-term planning to unlock the potential for more people to excel in the field.

Madam Quartey-Papafio highlighted the numerous opportunities in the electrical sector, stating that Ghana is yet to fully tap into them.

She stressed the importance of encouraging and motivating the youth, especially girls, to pursue technical courses to address the high unemployment rate in the country. By equipping themselves with technical skills, they can create employment opportunities instead of solely relying on job opportunities.

While acknowledging the significance of seeking employment, Madam Quartey-Papafio emphasized the need for a shift in mindset towards job creation. She urged individuals to think about innovative ways to create their own businesses, as Ghana offers favourable conditions for .

Expressing concern over Ghana's heavy reliance on imported goods, Madam Quartey-Papafio called for increased innovation, value addition, and a passion for excellence among entrepreneurs.

She noted that locally manufactured products often lack attractive presentation and marketing compared to foreign counterparts, affecting their value and sustainability in the market.

The CEO of Reroy Cables encouraged students to cultivate discipline, focus on their core values, be punctual, and pay attention to detail.

These qualities, she emphasized, are essential as industry players work towards creating the necessary job opportunities for them.

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