Road contractors in Ghana dismiss allegations of bribery for contracts

October 27, 2023
Road contractors in Ghana dismiss allegations of bribery for contracts
Prof Stephen Adei

Accusations of road contractors in Ghana paying exorbitant amounts for securing road contracts have been vehemently denied by the contractors, who also express their readiness to cooperate with an investigation.

The allegations surfaced following comments by Professor Stephen Adei, former Board Chairman of the (GRA). Professor Adei stated that those seeking road contracts were sometimes asked for a substantial upfront payment of 1 million cedis.

The Ministry of Roads promptly responded to these claims, stating their surprise and emphasizing that road contract awards adhere to transparent, competitive, and legal procedures.

In light of the potential criminal nature of these allegations, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the Minister of Roads and Highways, formally requested the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

The group of road contractors, which includes companies like 1st Sky Ltd, Maripoma Ent Ltd, Justimoh Construction Ltd, and others, released a press statement denying the allegations and clarifying that they have never encountered such demands. They underlined the well-documented and transparent process of awarding road contracts in Ghana, making it difficult for corrupt practices to occur.

The statement read: “We wish to allay the concerns of Professor Adei and the general public and emphatically state that no such bribes are paid for road contracts in Ghana.”

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