Smallholder farmers honoured at inaugural peasant farmers day celebration

April 26, 2024
Smallholder farmers honoured at inaugural peasant farmers day celebration

A total of 136 smallholder farmers and aggregators were celebrated at the Inaugural Peasant Farmers Day celebration held in Navrongo, located in the Kassena-Nankana Municipality of the Region, for their significant contributions to the country's food production.

Organized by the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), in collaboration with the Akuafo Nketewa Company Limited and the (), the event aimed to recognize the vital role played by smallholder farmers in sustaining the nation's amidst challenges such as climate change and global crises.

The awardees were honoured with prizes ranging from farm inputs to home appliances, including fridges, television sets, bags of fertilizer, knapsack sprayers, tarpaulin, insecticides, and cash. Dr. Charles Nyaaba, CEO of Akuafo Nketewa Company Limited, emphasized that over 80 per cent of the food consumed in Ghana is produced by peasant farmers, yet their efforts often go unnoticed.

Dr. Nyaaba highlighted the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, including limited access to extension services and financial support. To address these issues, a Credit Union was launched to provide loans for farmers, aiming to create a support system that fosters business improvement and growth.

Furthermore, a pension scheme was inaugurated to assist smallholder farmers in their old age, recognizing their lifelong contributions to the agricultural sector. Mr. Wepia Awal Adugwala, President of PFAG, underscored the urgency of adaptive agriculture in the face of climate change, emphasizing the need for government investment in irrigation to enable year-round .

Mr. Charles Ayuebono Adam, Principal Agriculture Economist at MoFA, highlighted the transition from subsidy-based to input-credit-based support in the second phase of the program, encouraging farmers to register to benefit from the initiative.

Reflecting on the event, Ms. Christina Abaadaa, winner of the best female sorghum producer award, called on the government to provide more support to peasant farmers, particularly women, including access to tractor services. She emphasized the importance of levelling the playing field to ensure equal opportunities for women in agriculture.

The Inaugural Peasant Farmers Day celebration not only honored the hard work and dedication of smallholder farmers but also underscored the importance of empowering them with the resources and support needed to thrive in Ghana's agricultural sector.

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