Top 100 Companies in Ghana 2022

October 14, 2023
Top 100 Companies in Ghana 2022

Who makes up the top 100 companies in Ghana?

The objectives of the GC 100 are to develop an open information culture within the Ghanaian corporate sector, provide incentives for improved performance, develop uniform criteria for evaluating this performance, and establish an annual and current analysis of the Corporate sector.

Top 100 Companies in Ghana 2022

The table below presents ascending order results based on the analysis of the size, profitability, growth and contributions to community development Initiatives/programmes or projects of companies in Ghana.

The list below is from GIPC‘s Ghana Club 100 Awards 2022 edition.

Overall RankCompany
1Zeepay Ghana Limited
2 Ghana Gold Limited
3Multipro Private Ltd
4 Ghana Limited
5Scancom Plc
6Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited
7Amanex Co.Ltd
8Express IDS Consult Consult Agency Limited
9Newmont Golden Ridge Limited
10GCB Bank Plc
11ASA Savings and Loans Ltd.
12 Ghana Plc
13Nestle Ghana Limited
14IT Consortium Limited
15Polytank (Ghana) Limited
16Sage Distribution Limited
17Amenfiman Rural Bank Limited
19Abosso Goldfields Limited
20 Plc
21 Iduapriem Mine
22Access Bank (Bank) Plc
23Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited
24Forever Living Product (Ghana) Limited
25Wilmar Africa Limited
26Delta Paper Mill Company Limited
27Enterprise Trustees Limited
28 Bank Ghana Plc
29Federated Commodities Limited
30Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited
31Letshego Ghana Savings and Loans Plc
32 Ghana Limited
33 (Ghana) Limited
34Crop Doctor Ghana Limited
35CAL Bank
36First Atlantic Bank Limited
37MiLife Insurance Company Limited
38Priority Insurance Company Limited
39Melcom Limited
40Zonda Tec Ghana Limited
41Amansie West Rural Bank Limited
42DHL Ghana Limited
43Enterprise Life Assurance Ltd
44Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Limited
45Ahantaman Rural Bank Plc
46United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited
47StarLife Assurance Company Limited
48KEK Insurance Brokers limited
49M&G Pharmaceuticals Limited
50Total Petroleum Ghana PLC (Total Energies)
51New Crystal Health Services Limited
52Chase Petroleum (GH) Limited
53Fiaseman Rural Bank Limited
54GLICO General Insurance Company Limited
55FBNBANK Ghana Limited
56Societe Generale Ghana Plc
57Enterprise Insurance Limited
58Acacia Health Insurance Company
59DE United Foods Industries Ghana Limited
60B5 Plus Limited
61 Plc
62Nyaho Healthcare Limited
63Prudential Bank Limited (PBL)
64Sunu Assurances Ghana Limited
65Mumuadu Rural Bank Limited
66Obsidan Achernar Limited
67Activa International Insurance Company Ltd
68Kasapreko Company Limited
69Microfin Rural Bank Limited
70Ghana Rubber Estates Limited
71Juaben Rural Bank Limited
72Guinness Ghana Breweries Plc
73Nsia Insurance Company Limited
74NMH Nationwide Medical Insurance Company Limited
75Papaye Fast Food Limited
76Otuasekan Rural Bank
77Nexans KabelMetals (Ghana) Limited
78Star Assurance Company Limited
79Crocodile Machetes (Ghana) Ltd
80Sefwiman Rural Bank Limited
81Riali Consult Limited
82GLICO Life Insurance Limited
83L'Aine Services Limited
84VFS (Ghana) Private Limited
85Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Limited
86Kintampo Rural Bank Limited
87Reiss & Co. (Ghana) Limited
88Quantum Terminals Plc
89Fan Milk Plc
90Broll Ghana Limited
91Country Links Travel & Tours Limited
92Bayport Savings and Loans Plc
93Izwe Savings and Loans Plc
94Olam Agri Ghana Limited
95U-Save Car Rental Limited (AVIS Ghana)
96Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited
97DDP Outdoor Limited
98GLICO Health Care Limited
99Leasafric Ghana Plc
100Land Tours Ghana Limited
Source: GIPC

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