Traders at Takoradi express concern over price hike of vegetables

June 26, 2024
Traders at Takoradi express concern over price hike of vegetables

Some traders in the Central Business District, have expressed concern over the price hike of vegetables, which has resulted in low patronage affecting their sales and business.

According to them, due to the excessive cost of the commodities, the buying and selling of goods had become low as most people were not able to afford them.

In an interview with the traders, Madam Marian Asmah, a garden eggs and pepper seller, said a bag of garden eggs which was sold at GHH¢1,200 last year now sells at GHH¢2,500.

Also, a bag of pepper which sold at GH¢2, 500 was now being sold at GH¢4,000 while a bag of okra which sold at GH¢1, 000.00 now sold at GH¢1,400.00.

Madam Asmah, expressed concern about the high cost of commodities this year as compared to that of last year, saying “A bowl of garden eggs which used to sell for GH¢5.00 is now being sold at GH¢10.00 while, a bowl of pepper which used to be sold at GH¢2.00 was now being sold at GH¢5.00.

Madam Fati Abubakar, fruits and vegetables seller, also shared similar sentiments, saying a medium sized bulb cabbage was now being sold at GH¢10.00 as against GH¢5.00 last year.

She said the price increment had affected the purchasing power of their customers and hence slowed down their businesses.

“Customers barely come around to purchase vegetables because there is no money in the system, that is why the market has been slow,” she said.

Madam Benedicta Baidoo, a tomatoes seller, said that, a carton of tomatoes which sold at GH¢5,000.00 last year was now being sold at GH¢7, 000.00 this year while, a small basket of tomatoes which sold at GH¢80.00 was now selling at GH¢100.00.

Adding that, “now to get a small bowl of tomatoes for a small sized family use, one has to spend about GH¢20.00 and above before one could cook a good meal”.

She attributed the inflated cost of commodities to the increment of petroleum products, fertilizers, and the change in the weather pattern.

Madam Baidoo prayed that the government would intervene to ensure price reduction for their businesses to thrive.

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