Twitter Influencers in Ghana 2024

December 10, 2021
Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana
Twitter Influencers in Ghana

Who are the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana as of 2024? Are you in need of  influencers to collaborate with your business? Have you ever wondered who the top social media influencers in Ghana are?

Who are social media influencers?

A social media influencer is someone who has established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations.

Influencer marketing is fast evolving to become a key tool in a company's arsenal when done right.

In other words, social media influencers are people or personalities who have a large number of followers on their social media accounts which they leverage to influence or persuade social media consumers to purchase certain products or services.

In recent times, social media has become a great tool for direct marketing and advertising thus, businesses whether big or small cannot hold their horses on getting the right influencers for the right customers.

How much do Twitter influencers charge in Ghana?

The pricing for promos varies from influencer to influencer mostly depending on the promo package, the frequency of repeat posts, and the level of engagement you expect from the post.

From a recent quick survey we conducted, the prices range from GH₵500 for a single tweet to GH₵5000 combo packages involving an integrated marketing campaign using text tweets, video content, giveaways, polls, and live spaces.

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Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana

In this piece, The Ghanaian Standard brings you the top 10 Twitter influencers in Ghana in 2024 based on their number of followers, engagements and content type. 

KalyJay (@gyaigyimii)

Kaly Jay - Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana
KalyJay (@gyaigyimii)

KalyJay known in real life as Joshua Buernortey Boye-Doe is the first on our top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana 2024. He has over 706, 000 followers at the time of writing.

KalyJay is a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism and is known for starting the #FixTheCountry campaign on social media which became an issue of national interest in Ghana and led to his breakthrough of gaining a huge following on Twitter.

Looking at his engagement, Kaly Jay's tweets attract likes, retweets and replies within seconds.

People often interact with Kaly and tag him in their posts for endorsements. He has promoted leading brands such as Fan Milk, Nivea, Jumia, , United Bank of Africa, and Atlantic Bank among others.

Da Don (@Opresii)

Da Don - Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana
Da Don (@Opresii)

Da Don is second on our list of top Twitter influencers in Ghana.  He is known in real life as Abdul-Hamid Alhassan with over 264, 000 followers at the time of writing. 

He is known for sharing funny comments on social issues. Da Don is an alumnus of the , graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. 

He has worked with Brands such as FantasyGold, Jumia, Captain Planet, Keche, and Larruso. Mr Drew among others. 

Kwadwo Sheldon

Kwadwo Sheldon - Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana
Kwadwo Sheldon

Kwadwo Sheldon's original name is Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo. He is a YouTuber, comedian and content creator with over 246, 000 followers on Twitter.

He creates humour out of the county's biggest happenings on his YouTube channel which has more than 324, 000 subscribers.

SarkodieNebaSark (@NebaSark)

SakodieNebaSark - Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana
SarkodieNebaSark (@NebaSark)

SarkodieNebaSark is his name on Twitter but his birth name is Prince Oppong. He is a data scientist and the CEO of A1influencers.

With over 239,000 followers, SarkodieNebaSark promoted a wide range of brands with the likes of Infinix, Samsung, Promasidor, KFC, and Mybet among others.

He currently plays the ambassadorial role for Boomplay in Ghana. 

Beno SarkCess (@BenopaOnyx1)

Beno SarkCess
Beno SarkCess (@BenopaOnyx1)

Beno SarkCess is called Dimah Benjamin. He is a graduate of the University of Education, Winneba, He is an influencer with more than 198, 000 followers as well as a blogger.

He also has an official website and is the founder of  As his username suggests, his favourite artiste in Ghana is Sarkodie. He loves him because he can relate to most of his songs and finds his brand very attractive

Mempeasem President (@AsieduMends)

Mempeasem President
Mempeasem President (@AsieduMends)

Mempeasem President, formerly called Fiifi Asiedu Mends is the sixth on our Top Ten list. He is a brand influencer with more than 179, 000 followers on Twitter.

He has promoted over 90 brands and currently has more than 20 active clients including Asanduff Construction, First Atlantic Bank, Pepsodent, GOtv, ABSA, KFC, and Samsung Ghana just to mention a few.

Asiedu Mends has used his platform to solicit funds for the sick and less privileged people

E-Ayibe Borla Bird (@Mr_Ceyram)

E-Ayibe Borla Bird
E-Ayibe Borla Bird (@Mr_Ceyram)

E-Ayigbe Borla Bird's real name is Enoch G. Seyram. He is an influencer who has gathered over 175, 000 followers on Twitter.

He is currently the CEO of Ram Social, a digital marketing platform that brings a team of experts to sell brands to customers.

He has worked with leading teams such as Guinness, Bolt, , AirtelTigo and many more.

Tonia (@_liptonia

Tonia - Twitter Influencer
Tonia (@_liptonia

The only lady who made it to our list of top 10 Twitter Influencers in Ghana 2024 is Tonia, known in real life as Tonia Wuni Azabu is a full-time social media influencer with more than 174.2 000 followers on Twitter alone.

She has promoted a variety of businesses such as Samsung, Club Beer, MASLOC Ghana, Tribelink, The Exes Show, and Owlet just to mention a few.

She has also worked with some musicians including; Captain Planet, Efya, Gamb, and Kwame She is the only female who has appeared on our top ten list

Dr. Sneaker Nyami (@SneakerNyame_)

Dr. Sneaker Nyami
Dr. Sneaker Nyami (@SneakerNyame_)

Sneaker Nyame's real name is Foster Agyapong. He is a student as well as a brand influencer with over 162,000 followers at the time of writing. He personally deals in shoes and sneakers.

He has appeared in the trends and has a Twitter space convo dubbed #sneakernyamefm. Early January this year, he met with, American musician, Chance The Rapper when he visited Ghana.

Dr King Uchiha Winta (@I_Am_Winter)

Dr. King Uchiha Winta
Dr King Uchiha Winta (@I_Am_Winter)

Winter, known as Richard Osei Agyemang is a social media influencer and content creator. Richard is an old student of  and currently pursuing a virtual Master's Degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Glasglow, Scotland.

He has over 159,000 followers on Twitter. He has championed appeals for fund projects for the sick and the needy through his platform and has partnered with leading brands as an influencer including; , Pepsodent, and 1xBet among others.

Social media influence has become a “big” thing in the world today. Influencers charge companies to promote their product or service based on the size of their following.

The youth especially are earning some money into their pockets without extraordinary qualifications. However, the price charges of these influencers vary from one influencer to another. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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