UBA Ghana welcomes 44 new staff through Graduate Management Accelerated Programme

June 12, 2024
UBA Ghana welcomes 44 new staff through Graduate Management Accelerated Programme

Ghana has proudly welcomed 44 new staff members through its Graduate Management Accelerated Programme (GMAP) in May 2024. This cohort marks the third batch, following the successful completion of the program by 14 and 40 participants in the first and second cohorts, respectively.

The Head of Human Resources, Evelyn Effie Quansah, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the graduates for their diligence and commitment during the six-month program.

The rigorous training combined both classroom instruction and on-the-job experiences, designed to hone their skills and prepare them for their roles within the bank. She noted that though 49 people started the programme, 5 could not complete it for various reasons and hence 44 graduated and were on-boarded to join the Bank.

Evelyn emphasized UBA's ongoing dedication to staff development, stating, “UBA will continue to build the capacity of staff to improve profitability.”
Uzoechina Molokwu, Managing Director and CEO of UBA Ghana, also congratulated the new employees and urged them to work hard to justify their hiring and enhance the bank's productivity. He encouraged them to uphold UBA's high standards by embodying the bank's core values of Excellence, Enterprise, and Execution. Molokwu also emphasized the importance of adopting the UBA Persona in their daily work.

He shared valuable guidance with the new staff, urging them to prioritize personal development and invest in their growth to achieve career advancement.

Uzoechina encouraged them to maintain a focused mindset, appreciate their current resources, and practice financial discipline. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of adhering to established protocols, stressing the need for discipline and accountability in their professional journey
With eagerness and enthusiasm, the newly inducted staff pledged to bring their utmost dedication and expertise to the team, committed to driving the bank's continued growth and success.

The Graduate Management Accelerated Programme (GMAP) has been introduced by the Bank to train and recruit new hires to fill up critical vacancies, help reduce unemployment, and develop critical human capital for the Bank.

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