Ultramodern shea processing centre inaugurated at Nwodua in the Kumbungu in the Northern Region

June 26, 2024
Ultramodern shea processing centre inaugurated at Nwodua in the Kumbungu in the Northern Region

An ultramodern shea processing centre to facilitate the commercial and improved production of shea butter has been inaugurated at Nwodua in the Kumbungu District of the

The facility, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. including mechanised roasters, grinding mills, bauskars, prashers, among others, has the capacity to create an estimated 30,000 employment opportunities for the youth and women in northern Ghana. 

The centre, known as Boribijerisuli Cooperative Processing Centre, also has an Early Childhood Development Centre (Creche) to ensure that children of women working at the centre, are not denied access to early childhood education. 

The Cooperative Processing Centre is made up of 11 communities within the Kumbungu, Sagnarigu, Tolon Districts namely Nwodua, Kpilo, Napagyili, Gbullung, Jakahi Kukuo, Fihini, Kataraga, Chanzegu, Kumbuyili, Tampe Kukuo and Younduuni. 

The inauguration formed part of the implementation of the Shared Business Empowerment Project being carried out by the Global Shea Alliance, a not-for-profit industry association, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and other consortium partners such as SOFTtribe, Advans, Women for Change and Nuts for Growth. 

Mr Aaron Adu, Managing Director, Global Shea Alliance, speaking during the inauguration of the facility at Nwodua, said it was to create more dignified and fulfilling employment opportunities for the youth in the shea industry. 

He said the facility would pave way for shea processors to shift from the local ways of shea butter production to adopt a more technologically approved processing to enhance quality and profitability. 

Mr Adu said off-takers had been engaged and explained it was to ensure that there were buyers for shea butter produced at the centre.  

Madam Mine Pabari, Country Programme Impact, Mastercard Foundation, said the facility was specifically designed for the community shea pickers and processors, adding it was a testament of their partnership commitment to prioritise and empower rural young women to unlock opportunities in the shea value chain. 

She said, “Today, we take significant step towards demonstrating our appreciation for their hard work by providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children.” 

Madam Zakaria Fatima, Secretary, Boribijerisuli Cooperative Shea Processing Centre, expressed gratitude to Global Shea Alliance, Mastercard Foundation and other partners for their support towards enhancing shea activities in the area. 

She was optimistic that the facility would empower women more economically and help to reduce domestic violence in the communities, which was often attributed to poverty. 

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