Upper West Region gears up for planting for food and jobs 2.0 program

April 9, 2024
Upper West Region gears up for planting for food and jobs 2.0 program

The Regional Department of Agriculture recently convened stakeholders in the region to shed light on the second phase of the (PFJ 2.0) program. The engagement aimed to familiarize stakeholders with the PFJ 2.0 registration process and encourage them to disseminate information within their communities.

Mr. Peter Maala, representing the Upper West Regional Minister, highlighted the importance of sensitizing the populace about PFJ 2.0 to enhance their understanding of its benefits and enrollment processes. He expressed optimism that the program would bolster agricultural production and contribute to poverty alleviation, particularly in the Upper West Region.

Mr. Huudu Abu, the Upper West Regional Director of the Department of Agriculture, emphasized that PFJ 2.0 builds on the achievements of its precursor. He stressed the need to educate stakeholders on the program's nuances and potential impact, empowering them to educate farmers in their communities effectively.

Registration for PFJ 2.0 is underway, with Mr. Stephen Yelsung, the Upper West Regional Agricultural Extension Officer, highlighting the digital platform, “Ghana Agriculture and Agribusiness Platform,” for farmer registration. He underscored the importance of possessing a for enrollment and the requirement of a minimum farm size of half an acre.

Mr. Frederick Vuozie, the Wa Municipal Director of Agriculture, expressed optimism about farmers' embrace of PFJ 2.0, citing its potential to enhance livelihoods. He assured that challenges encountered in the first phase, such as fertilizer smuggling and limited access to credit and mechanization services, would be addressed.

Kuoro Osman Diewia Nankpa III, the Paramount Chief of the Pulima Traditional Area, highlighted the dire state of roads in the Sissala area, impacting local farmers. This concern underscores the need for infrastructure development to complement agricultural initiatives.

Heads of Departments and Agencies, along with representatives of farmer groups, contributed to the event, emphasizing collective efforts to ensure the success of PFJ 2.0 in the Upper West Region.

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