US-Based Ghanaian realtor Priscilla Yeboah expresses concerns over Ghana’s new National Rental Assistance Scheme

June 11, 2024
US-Based Ghanaian realtor Priscilla Yeboah expresses concerns over Ghana's new National Rental Assistance Scheme
Priscilla Aidoo Yeboah

Priscilla Aidoo Yeboah, an award-winning US-based Ghanaian Realtor who runs Delaware Real Estate Solutions, has raised concerns about the newly launched in Ghana.

The scheme is aimed at providing decent accommodation for Ghanaians and will allow those above the age of 18 with a valid national ID card and verifiable employment to receive a rent loan in five to ten working days.

The total rent will be paid to the prospective landlord, and the applicant will make monthly payments to the National Rental Assistance Scheme.

Priscilla's concerns about the scheme include questions about how the private investors will recoup their investment, as well as the possibility of tenants losing their jobs or quitting, leading to a potential default on the monthly payments.

“I'm not too sure how this is going to work…But how are they going to recoup their investment? Would it be based on some kind of interest earned on the money? And if so, at what rate? What if the tenant gets fired from their job, or quits?” Priscilla said in an interview with The Ghanaian Standard news portal.

She also added that similar rental assistance schemes in Delaware in the are considered as grants and not loans that need to be repaid. “The money is given to landlords on behalf of tenants and is not expected to be paid back”.

Speaking at the launch of the scheme in on January 31, Vice President highlighted that the scheme is in collaboration with private investors to eliminate political interference and to ensure funds are retrieved if the applicant defaults on the monthly payments.

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Priscilla holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting and an MBA and has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Delaware.

She is the go-to resource for all real estate needs and is committed to helping other immigrants achieve the American dream of home ownership and real estate investment.


  1. Oh, its just another elaborate scam to dish out money to NPP supporters. I tell you, if John Mahama does not arrest Nana Addo and his bunch of thieves when he becomes president, this country will become like Haiti, we will all revolt.

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