Volta Palm project aims to transform Volta Region with sustainable oil palm cultivation

May 21, 2024
Volta Palm project aims to transform Volta Region with sustainable oil palm cultivation

Volta Palm, an innovative venture focusing on sustainable oil palm cultivation and production in the through collaborative partnerships with landowners and farmers, has taken off.

Conceived by Mr Ibrahim Mahama, a prominent businessman and younger brother of former President , the project is set to become the largest of its kind in Africa, with a target of over 400,000 hectares (one million acres) of oil palm plantation spanning the region.

During a brief event at Tsaweme, South Tongu, held to inspect the nurturing of oil palm seeds and officially kick off the project, Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo Dukor, expressed optimism that this initiative could revolutionise the economic landscape of the region within the next five years.

He revealed that the Tsaweme project, encompassing the cultivation of around 10,000 hectares, construction of an access road to the plantation, training programmes, and provision of seedlings to farmers, served as the inaugural phase of the broader regional endeavour.

Togbi Awusu highlighted that plans were underway to kickstart similar projects in other locations such as Lawoshime (Keta), Mafi (Central Tongu), Dzodze (Ketu North), Adaklu, and beyond, emphasising that this undertaking would generate employment opportunities, enhance the income of farmers/outgrowers in the region, and contribute to Ghana's overall economic growth.

He lauded Mr Mahama for such a dream and called upon the chiefs and people to embrace the project for the benefit of the region.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Christian Foli, a Distributor and Business Finder for PalmElit (a company specialised in oil palm seeds), who is overseeing the implementation of the Volta Palm project, assured that the project would adhere to both local and international quality standards, with a commitment to environmental conservation and a zero-tolerance policy towards child labour.

The expert in oil palm cultivation expressed confidence in the success of the project, citing the superior quality of hybrid oil palm seeds, the fertile tropical black earth soil, ideal for oil palm cultivation, and an abundant freshwater supply for irrigation.

Miss Khadija Benyamina, a Sales Engineer and Supply Chain Coordinator for PalmElit, anticipated a significant achievement for the project, affirming that their improved seeds would meet the high expectations of key stakeholders in the supply chain.

She underscored Ghana's vast potential in the oil palm industry and emphasised the project's pivotal role in boosting the sector and positively influencing the economy.

Ms. Benyamina expressed her company's enthusiasm in having Mr Mahama as client and pledged unwavering technical support for the project's success.

Mr Albert Degollo, Coordinator of the project, said the venture would have a plant to process palm fruits, expected to yield for harvesting in the next three to four years, noting the project could potentially be extended beyond the region.

Mr Mahama said as an entrepreneur seeking to invest in the region of his late mother's birth, oil palm industry was the most viable as he drew parallels with the successes of Malaysia and Indonesia, stating that “there's money in oil palm.”

The ceremony, attended by chiefs, residents, family members of the businessman, and Members of (MPs) from the region, including all the MPs from Tongu and the coast, the Volta Caucus Chairman and the Minority Chief Whip, was hailed by Mr Kobena Mensah Woyome, MP for South Tongu as a transformative initiative that would bolster the region's economy.

On behalf of the Volta MPs, he extended gratitude to Mr Mahama for his benevolent gesture towards the region, suggesting that he should be granted an “Honourable” title in recognition of his commendable deeds.

Enthusiastic residents of the area expressed optimism about the promising economic prospects of the new project and offered prayers for Mr Mahama's continued success and prosperity.

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