We don’t charge duties in foreign currencies – Ghana Revenue Authority

May 17, 2024
We don't charge duties in foreign currencies - Ghana Revenue Authority

The (GRA) has responded to recent media reports regarding the computation of customs duties and other import taxes on vehicles, clarifying that such duties are not calculated in foreign currency.

In a press release issued today, the GRA described these claims as misleading and clarified the legal and procedural basis for the calculation of these duties. 

According to the Customs Act 2015 (Act 891), the duties and taxes on imported vehicles are based on the value of the vehicles from their country of origin. This valuation includes the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) charges, which are quoted in international convertible currencies such as dollars, euros, and pounds sterling.

However, the GRA emphasized that these CIF values are subsequently converted into Ghana cedis using the prevailing exchange rate before calculating the duties and taxes. “The duty and taxes are NOT quoted in foreign currency, but in CEDIS,” the statement read.

The GRA urged the public to disregard any contrary information and reassured that the Customs Division operates in strict adherence to the provisions of the Customs Act. The Authority reiterated its commitment to integrity, fairness, and transparency in revenue mobilization.

For further inquiries or concerns regarding the calculation of customs duties and taxes, importers are encouraged to contact the GRA through various channels, including email ([email protected]), Whatsapp (0552-990-000 and 0200-631-664), toll-free number (0800-900-110), or by visiting the nearest Customs Collection centre.

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