Western Region GNCCI introduces China trade desk to facilitate business

September 30, 2023
WR GNCCI institutes China desk, ADR and Business Clinic
GNCCI CEO Mark Badu Aboagye

The Western Regional Branch of the (GNCCI) has launched a dedicated Desk for its members, aiming to streamline trade and simplify the process of finding suppliers in China without the need for international travel.

Mr. Lord Kwame Segbeawu, the Western Regional Chairman of GNCCI, highlighted the significance of the China desk in easing the burden of doing business. He explained that it would eliminate the need for hiring interpreters and bearing costs related to accommodation and transportation associated with international business ventures.

During a GNCCI Business meeting, Mr. Segbeawu also announced the revival of the Chamber Business Clinic and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre, emphasizing their role in providing real-time business solutions to members.

Encouraging members to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance operational efficiency and save time, Mr Segbeawu underlined the importance of staying technologically updated.

Ms. Francisca Ansah, the Western Regional Manager of GNCCI, addressed the audience on the necessity of accelerating the use of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tools to ensure business sustainability. She stressed that ESG policies played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of long-term growth and profitability within organizations.

Nana Basie, a Council Member of GNCCI, introduced members to the “CHATGPT” software, encouraging them to utilize it as a “personal consultant” for their business development.

Mr. Stephan Miezan, the Second Vice Chairman of the National GNCCI, highlighted the chamber's ongoing advocacy efforts in the governance space to improve business prospects. He also informed members about the upcoming national Annual General Meeting, urging their active participation.

Mr. Jerry John Okyere, the Regional Manager of bank, provided valuable insights into SMEs and the available facilities that members could access to enhance their businesses.


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